What is frontal hyperostosis?

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Frontal hyperostosis is a combination of three symptoms: uneven thickening of the frontal bone, increased hemorrhage by the male type and obesity.

The second name of this disease is Morgan syndrome, Stewart Morel. This rather rare disease is ill, as a rule, women are over forty years old.

There is no clear answer to the causes of its development yet. It is believed that a certain role is played by hormonal disorders that arise in the climacteric period.

Chronic inflammatory diseases of the haemorrhoids and frontal sinuses, which often suffer from patients, can lead to an increase in the synthesis of a number of pituitary hormones. Increased production of somatotropin causes thickening of the frontal bone, as well as the Turkish saddle, occipital and parietal bones. The excess of corticotropin explains obesity and increased hemopoiesis.

Symptoms of the disease

Frontal hyperostosis often occurs asymptomatic and is detected only after death. In the presence of clinical manifestations of the disease begins with intense headaches in the forehead and neck, through which there is irritability and poor sleep. Often there are psychological deviations in the form of depression, apathy. Sometimes patients complain of memory loss.

Uneven growth of the frontal bone in some cases causes one-sided exophthalmos, when the eyeball stomps out of the eye fossa. Patients quickly gain weight, although the diet remains the same. The fat depot is formed on the chin, chest and abdomen. The skin becomes pale and cold to the touch. Due to disorders of blood circulation and metabolism, eczema, trophic ulcers often develop.

The cardiovascular system can not cope with an increase in body weight, increased pressure, dyspnea arises when walking. In the lungs there are stagnant phenomena that contribute to the development of pneumonia.

Hormonal changes lead to violations of the menstrual cycle. It becomes either too long or, conversely, short. Unlike similar symptoms of climax, this is not accompanied by "tides & quot.

Pay attention to the activation of hair growth in places that are not characteristic of women: on the face, mammary glands, abdomen. They become more rude and dark. Violation of the hormonal background causes the development of diabetes mellitus. In this case, the patients are concerned about the thirst, itching of the skin and mucous membranes, increased urination.

Diagnosis of the disease

Syndrome Morgany - Stewart - Morel is similar to a number of other diseases, which are based on changes in hormonal nature.

The correct diagnosis is based on a combination of typical symptoms: age after forty years, thickening of the frontal bone on the X-ray, obesity and hair loss in the male type.

Blood analysis helps to detect elevated levels of pituitary hormones (somatotropin and corticotropin) and adrenal glands (cortisol).

Treatment of the disease

Frontal hyperostosis does not endanger life, the prognosis is favorable for it, therefore the treatment is symptomatic.

Diet therapy and physical activity have a good effect on obesity. With an increase in blood pressure, anti-hypertensive agents are used. In very rare cases, during the test, a tumor of the pituitary gland is found, which makes it necessary to resort to radiation therapy.

What is frontal hyperostosis?
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