What is the difference between normal babies and children born with caesarean

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Today, every fifth baby is born by caesarean section. And future mothers are worried about the question - how will the surgical intervention affect the health of the child?

Let's start with the fact that cesarean section in our country is conducted only on medical indications. And this means that such babies in the mother's womb are already in the risk group. Indications may be different: detachment of the placenta, severe gestosis, ECO, late childbirth. Therefore, it is logical that such children in the future may have more problems than those born naturally by babies.

In this case, the task of parents - always remember about the possible consequences and pay more attention to the health of your child.

Let's look at the main issues that emerge in future mothers and determine what needs to be done in order to avoid possible consequences.

Immune deficiency at cesarean section

It is believed that the baby-naturalist, passing by birth, receives from his mother a "bacterial cocktail", which affects the immune system and forms the necessary microflora. But "Caesarea" are born practically in sterile conditions. Can such a child suffer from weakened immunity?

Our expert, Doctor Dolgopolova Natalia answers this question: "The immunity of a future child depends on thousands of different factors, the impact of which is well-established. This is heredity and the state of health of the pregnant woman (for example, the mother can be the carrier of infections and infect the child through the blood), And the conditions in which the child will grow and mature, breastfeeding, and even how often mom will be boiling nipples. The caesarean section is only a hypothetical factor that in the future may really affect the immune system, but among all other factors He's just lost this question simply can not give a clear answer."

What to do mom

First, it is necessary to check the health status and cure all existing diseases before pregnancy. Secondly, during pregnancy, take all the tests and comply with the prescriptions of doctors, as well as monitor their immunity.

After the baby is born, be sure to contact the pediatrician, give the tests and actively (on the testimony) breastfeed, as it best normalizes immunity. In the future continue to adhere to all pediatrician orders.

Adaptation of the baby after surgery

With the onset of natural labor activity, all the basic life systems of the baby are started, allowing him to adapt more quickly after birth. But the planned cesarean section is scheduled at least a week before the expected birth. Therefore, in some cases, when the birth is not contraindicated, the surgery is carried out immediately after them.

What to do mom

Talk with your doctor about the possibility of conducting surgery after the start of remission so that the births are more natural. If the doctor refuses, do not worry. First, any experiences are harmful to the pregnant woman, and secondly, most scholars are convinced that a fully termed baby is considered after 37 full weeks.

The problem of pressure drop

As we know, a sharp drop in pressure leads to a sharp compression of blood vessels. But it does not always lead to a violation, such as cerebral blood flow. But the change in pressure is, of course, stress for the baby. However, no less stress is natural childbirth.

What to do mom

During pregnancy, it's important to keep track of your health. If in doubt, visit not one but two or three doctors of the same profile.

If "Kesarenok" was born with blood circulation problems, do not worry - most of these problems are solved already in the first years of life. Visit pediatricians, follow all their recommendations.

Types of anesthesia with cesarean section

Anesthesia at a cesarean section today is carried out in three ways: general anesthesia, spinal and epidural anesthesia (spikes in the spine).

Specialists believe that when anesthesia in the baby gets a certain proportion of anesthetic, but with spinal and epidural analgesia, the impact of medical drugs is minimal. However, unlike general anesthesia, the last types of anesthesia begin to act not immediately.

What to do mom

Talk to your doctor about spinal or epidural anesthesia. With this type of anesthesia you will less disturb your health, will be in the mind and will be able to support the child with emotional contact.

What is the difference between normal babies and children born with caesarean
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