What is the danger of an artificial christmas tree for the health of the family

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The period of preparation for the New Year holidays includes, in addition to discussing the festive menu, the selection of gifts and outfits, the issue at the expense of the main symbol - fir trees. Many still have not decided for themselves which one to prefer - "living" beauties from the forest or artificial from the store?

Many towns are beginning to open the Christmas market, which offers spruce and pine in the range - doomed to death trees are ready to give you a holiday and be thrown out in a dozen days. In the United States, for example, the trees are sold in tubes with the ground, and after the holiday they can either be planted in their area, or set at the threshold of the house, where they will collect utility services and again landed in the ground. But it's in America…

Many people, guided by either humane impulses, or economic prudence (better spent once) stop choosing to buy artificial Christmas trees. And in this part of their solution you need to know what rules to guide when choosing this New Year's accessory. Firstly, the spruce should be very stable so that when careless games of children, adult dances or the interest of pets found, they did not fly to the heads of households and did not cause a fire.

Secondly, check the quality of the spit at the store - it should have a strong needle, which can then be found in all salads. There should also be sharp and dangerous parts.

By itself, an artificial Christmas tree is not lit - its producers handle special substances that make it fireproof. But this only applies to artificial high quality fir trees. But low-quality fir can be made of paper instead of PVC. At the same time, the paper is wetted with a special chemical solution, which, evaporating in a closed, warm room, can cause an allergy, coughing or asthma attacks.

It is also necessary to keep a Christmas tree, following certain rules. It must be securely and hermetically packed in a box and package, to be in a place inaccessible to children. Well, if you buy a seller, you will require a quality certificate and make sure that the purchase will please you not a year or two.

Whatever choice you have made, think carefully about all the details, taking into account the age-specific characteristics of your family members, their allergic inclinations, the ability to install a Christmas tree in your home. And let the New Year's green beauty brings to your house only a joy and a fantastic mood, let it scatter its branches so that under them it would be possible to place many gifts, and the lights on it will promise happiness and fulfill all hopes and dreams.

What is the danger of an artificial christmas tree for the health of the family
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