What is arachnoid?

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When arachnoid head is aching constantly, only the severity of this pain changes: it becomes weaker, then increases under the influence of hypothermia, mental or physical strain, other reasons.

Arachnoiditis - inflammation of the spider vein of the brain, a thin network of connective tissues and vessels that cover the brain from the outside.

In normal condition, the brain as if floating in the cerebrospinal fluid - the so-called lychee lychees. However, in the inflammatory process, circulation of liquor is disturbed, its outflow is difficult and inflamed cranial nerves.

The most common cause of inflammatory processes in the brain, including arachnoiditis, is the infiltration of the infection.

However, arachnoiditis can develop with aseptic inflammation, not associated with lesions of microorganisms, for example, in the case of craniocerebral trauma. Arachnoid often affects women.

Diagnosis of this disease is very complicated. The exact result does not even guarantee the use of modern methods. However, the disease is quite common.

Forms and signs of arachnoiditis

There are various forms of arachnoiditis, but the disease has some general features:

  • Begins 10-12 days after an infectious disease;
  • There is a headache that has a trigger or a character; At the peak of the headache, disturbances of sleep and vomiting may occur;
  • Weakness, fatigue, reduced ability to work;
  • Loss of vision;
  • Emotional instability.

Optohiasmic arachnoiditis (lesion in the area of ​​the anterior cranial fossa) occurs as a result of inflammation in the adrenal sinuses of the nose.

For this form of arachnoid is characterized by a decrease in vision, which can develop slowly and rapidly. At the same time possible phenomena of stagnation on the fundus, optic atrophy and atrophy of the optic discs. There may be dichotomy in the eyes.

When arachnoid rear cranial fossa (this disease often becomes a consequence of the disease of the middle ear) there is an intense, periodically increased headache, nausea and vomiting. At the same time possible development of hydrocephalus. Most often the disease resembles a brain tumor.

When konveksitalnoy arachnoid at the patient there are convulsive seizures, in which there can be loss of consciousness.

Prevention and treatment of arachnoiditis of the brain

In the presence of identified infectious diseases, the doctor prescribes sulfanilamides, antibiotics or other drugs. Treatment depends on the cause and clinical course of the disease: analgesics, diuretics and other drugs are used.

For life and work, the forecast is favorable. Very important early diagnosis, timely treatment of acute infectious diseases, craniocerebral traumas, centers of local infection.

What is arachnoid?

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