What infections can get infected by swimming in the river

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Summer is coming to an end, but now there is a terrible heat, and the most reliable way to escape from it is to plunge into the water. Infectious disease practitioners are waiting for the peak of the diseases associated with infection by bacteria living in rivers and lakes. Some diseases can be safe for a person and, as a rule, can cause mild poisoning or rash on the skin, and there are also such infections, which often result in fatal cases.

What infections keep you in the water:

1 Cercariosis This is a very unpleasant disease caused by worm larvae, which most often "attack" on birds, but since their habitat is shallow water and warm water, then people become victims. If, after bathing in a couple of hours on the legs and hips, you found a rash, similar in appearance to the chickenpox, that is, the focal points of skin lesions are similar to blisters, and immediately ask for help from doctors. Cercariosis is not a terrible infectious disease, but it brings a lot of inconveniences and discomfort, because it causes itching and burning, and it passes through 7-10 days, leaving behind itself the pigment spots that can remain on your skin for about a month. This disease is often accompanied by general weakness and dizziness, but body temperature may also rise and coughing up.

2 Fungus. In the reservoirs there are millions of different fungal infections that are very fond of "settling down" on the human skin, especially where it is tender (the armpits, groin, feet, the inside of the elbows and knees, etc.). Fungal infections are curable, but very long and thorough, because bacteria can quickly multiply and affect the skin more deeply and deeper. The fungus is often accompanied by itching, rarely when a person experiences weakness or lethargy, but also deaths from fungal infections, which have not been cured in time, are also known.

3 Leptospirosis Now in Ukraine, the problem of leptospirosis is very acute, many reservoirs infected with a stick called "leptospira". This disease has a severe status and it proceeds, as a rule, very difficult. Infection with leptospirosis occurs literally instantaneously when the river water flows into the respiratory tract or oral cavity of a person, as well as through wounds on the skin. All the fault of the animal, which emptied directly in the water, is why water becomes the residence of leptospira.

Leptospirosis can easily cause death of a person, this infection doctors call the water fever. Symptoms: fever, rash, jaundice, muscle aches, weakness and so on. If the patient does not provide medical care in time, then he can refuse the kidneys and he can die from intoxication of the body.

What infections can get infected by swimming in the river
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