What good products combined with others can be harmful to health

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1. Never You should not add honey to hot tea and Any other hot drink (above 40 degrees). In this case, honey loses all its useful properties. In addition, when heated in honey, even toxic substances are formed. Best honey is a vip stick.

2 Do not eat Fruit from any other food - they are eaten separately. The fact is that fruits eaten with another meal may be delayed for a long time in the stomach. And this is a guarantee of what will happen fermentation, which can damage the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.

3 Can not combine Starchy carbohydrates and meat - forever abandon the potatoes with meat. Know: starchy foods are fermented in the stomach, and protein - rot. Therefore, after such a meal, a person begins to experience bloating until the appearance of colic. You can solve everything simply - replace the potato with asparagus or other vegetables.

3. Yogurt and fruit - an unacceptable combination, since the bacteria contained in yogurt enter into the interaction with fructose, which leads to the appearance of toxic substances. This harmful combination greatly increases the probability of developing colds and allergic diseases.

4. Green tea with milk - an unwanted combination due to the fact that the milk components leveled off the beneficial properties of green tea. Also, milk protein can make green tea difficult to digest. But green tea with lemon will bring only the benefit of the body. 5. Wine with dessert - Do not think about drinking wine in combination with cakes, candies and fruits. It turns out that alcohol increases the production of insulin in the body. If at this time to use simple sugars, then they will be converted into fats. Output is - wine is best to use with products that have a low glycemic index (mold cheese, for example, as do the French and Italians).

6. Coffee and bread - unauthorized combination. We often have breakfast with coffee and sandwiches. This combination will not bring a special harm, but it will not benefit from it - coffee prevents the assimilation of vitamins of group B, which are in large quantities contained in bread.

7. Cheese with jam or jam Will make the dessert tasty, but it can easily cause bloating and abdominal discomfort in the stomach.

What good products combined with others can be harmful to health

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