What do you need to know about vitamins?

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So that the skin is okay, you need a vegetable diet. And do not let the plate of fats!

So. However, only at the beginning. For a period vegetable diet will not interfere. Vegetable fiber will work with a mycelium that ejects toxins from the inside. But count on the vitamin balance, sitting on one carrot and salad leaves, do not have to. Vegetables and fruits are excellent suppliers of vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid. Other substances will have to be "extracted" from cereals, legumes, meat, fish. Without a moderate amount of fats can not do without, because fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K are digested only for the company.

Antioxidants keep young people.

So. Notice how the sliced ​​apple darkens? The processes that occur in the body are somewhat similar. And the more negative factors influence the outside, the faster the body wears out. If you eat enough vitamin E, it protects the fats from the oxidation that are part of the cell membrane. Among the leaders are vitamins A and C.

Synthetic vitamins and preparations based on natural products differ only in price, because the chemical formula is still the same.

NO. For example, under the general name "vitamin E", several compounds with a similar structure are concealed. However, our body is very sensitive to distinguishing them: the substance of natural origin is digested several times better. True, it costs a bit more. By the way, the appearance of vitamins also matters. Multicolored capsules probably contain dyes, while the natural shade of vitamin E is light yellow. Lack of necessary substances will quickly fill the cream with a vitamin complex.

NO. We do not sponges of sea to absorb the skin of nutrients! In cosmetics, its function, in the complexes for internal use - its. And vitamins are different. A - good in creams. B - in the food. But here is E - and so, and how!

Vitamins can not be stocked in advance.

So. There are no internal pockets in the body, where the summer strawberries hide in the winter. Some amount of fat-soluble vitamins is delayed in the body, but this is not a reason to stock up - the overdose is harmful, just like lack. In order to clearly regulate the amount, and have developed the daily standards of vitamins and other international standards - if you do not have any substances, they are taken courses.

What do you need to know about vitamins?
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