What diseases can tell your hands

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We have already mentioned that the condition of the nails reflects not only the disease and damage to the nails themselves, but also the general state of the organism.

Any person recognizes the unhealthy of someone he sees dull, frail, with irregular growth and abnormal nail color or abnormal skin color of the hand. Blind nails become as a result of infectious diseases or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract with a violation of absorption, and also when they age, they lose transparency and elasticity.

The brittleness and bundle of the free edge of the nail plate arises with the abuse of manicure, varnish, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, as well as frequent contact with detergents. The internal causes of such a symptom are insufficient blood circulation in the end phalanges or unbalanced nutrition, in which the nails lack plastic substances. With anemia (anemia), too, the nails are straightened and white spots may appear on them, with usually cold hands.

In healthy people, nails are usually strong and regular, although of different types. It is believed that short and flat nails can mean heart disease, and a large crescent size at the base of the nail - a tachycardia. This assumption is confirmed by the constant presence of very cold fingertips of the hands and feet as a result of vascular disorders and atherosclerosis. A person suffering from cardiovascular disease, usually very white hands or explaining, dark hands. With heart disease, swollen hands in the form of drum sticks and become almost black hands due to weak blood circulation.

If a person does not have cardiovascular diseases, and hands are cold and damp, then you can assume the presence of depression or neurosis. Owners of a perfectly long-form hands are often neurotic and should be afraid of the development of psychosis, since they often have a tendency to hyperthyroidism of the thyroid gland. With a predisposition to hypofunction of the thyroid gland, individuals usually have a small, oily, and soft hand of white color, with the tips of the fingers of the conical shape.

With disturbances or underdevelopment of another hormonal organ - a pituitary gland, a person also has small hands, but with very thin fingers. With increased pituitary function (for example, through a tumor), abnormal large arms develop in humans with huge, thick fingers. It is also easy to recognize patients with gout and rheumatism through swollen and deformed fingers.

The presence of stomach disease may indicate striation of nails, but on illnesses of the liver and gallbladder - a hand-patinated parchment with a yellowish tint of the skin. In patients with chronic hepatitis, palms of the hands are red, and in hypertonia, hot hands. Numbness and cramps can be caused by a violation of electrolyte exchange with a deficiency of potassium and magnesium. Numbness often causes cervical osteochondrosis.

Small shaking in the hands (and throughout the body) causes nervous tension, excitement, as well as a sharp drop in blood sugar. Sometimes this symptom is associated with weakness of the muscles and a relationship of hands due to illness or low fitness. Tremor of hands, that is, the repetitive obsessive state of trembling hands appears in mental illness. However, all the described relationships of symptoms with diseases are not diagnostic features, but serve only as a benchmark for the survey.

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What diseases can tell your hands
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