What causes shortness of breath and how to help with a breakdown in the respiratory system

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Difficulty breathing or exhaling, severe shortness of breath - any problem with the respiratory system can be symptoms of several diseases. It is important to understand what caused this condition and how to provide competent first aid in such a situation.

Shortness of breath and difficult breathing may also occur in a healthy person as a result of active physical activity. Also, breathing problems may occur after an inflammation of the lungs or chronic bronchitis. But, if you have a sedentary lifestyle, you are overweight and you have a passion for cigarettes and alcohol, you are at risk.

Also, causing a failure in the respiratory system, as already mentioned above, can be a physical exercise, when more oxygen is needed for muscle saturation, and because of this the respiratory system begins to fail. In such a situation, it is important to stop, breathe deeply and hold back your breath. So do it several times.

Another cause of the problems with the respiratory system can be hidden in various nervous states and stresses that cause spasm. In order to help a person in such a situation to begin to breathe deeply, it is necessary to take valerian, pustrynik, Korvalol.

Chronic fatigue can also cause breathlessness - in this case, the blood is not fully saturated with oxygen and, accordingly, it is difficult to breath. Experts advise not to risk and give a general blood test.

Also, and this has already been mentioned, bronchial asthma may be affected by interruptions in the respiratory system. In such cases, a person begins to make short, tumultuous breaths and long exhales, accompanied by whistling and hoarseness. It is necessary to immediately try to identify the allergen and sign up for an allergy consultation.

Vascular spasms of the brain are another possible cause of respiratory failure and headache. A similar occurrence occurs after a severe flu or injury. In this situation it is necessary to get a qualified consultation of the neuropathologist.

Diseases of the lungs are usually accompanied by both breathing and chronic coughing, and raising the temperature to 37.2-37.5 in the evenings. Be sure to contact the pulmonologist for help.

In case of heart failure, frequent respiration occurs, difficulty breathing and exhalation. In this case, it is necessary to make an electrocardiogram, to undergo a cardiologist's examination. But if you think this is an attack on the angina, put a nitroglycerin or validolum tablet under the tongue.

What causes shortness of breath and how to help with a breakdown in the respiratory system
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