From what lymph nodes can hurt on a neck

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In the human body, the role of a biological filter is performed by organs of the lymphatic system - lymph nodes. These small beans or peas-sized beans contain white blood cells that protect against bacteria and viruses.

If lymph nodes are hanging around the neck - this indicates that there is a hearth of infection, since unpleasant sensations often occur during the inflammatory process.

Lymphadenitis, or inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes, is not an independent disease, but is a symptom of most infectious diseases and a number of other pathological conditions. Any pain in the lymph nodes suggests that there are some violations in the body.

In addition to white blood cells, lymph nodes contain a clear, slightly yellowish fluid - lymph. She washes cells of organs and tissue, and then goes to the lymphatic vessels. With the flow of lymph, pathogenic microorganisms fall into the lymph nodes, which delay the infection, preventing it from spreading throughout the body. Further, the destruction of pathogens bacteria and viruses, as well as over-born cancer cells.

When an organism can no longer cope with foreign cells independently, lymphocytes begin to multiply actively to cope with the infection. As a result, lymph nodes are enlarged around the neck and pain, and the symptoms of inflammation are:

  • General weakness;
  • Temperature rise;
  • Headaches
  • chills;
  • Pain in palpation or swallowing.

If in addition to these signs in the area of ​​the lymph nodes the skin reddened, there is a lot of pain, which means purulent process began. Sometimes a slight increase in the size of the lymph nodes indicates that it functions more actively than others. This is due to the onset of the disease.

The main causes of cervical lymphadenitis:

  • Infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract or oral cavity (angina, acute respiratory infections, influenza, stomatitis, parotitis, rubella, diphtheria) often cause inflammatory processes;

  • Also, lymph nodes are hurt in the neck with mechanical trauma or tumor, when there is cancerous degeneration of cells of lymphatic tissue;
  • A general decrease in immunity often leads to an increase in the nodes that are the organs of the immune system. In some cases, this condition is of a chronic nature. For example, often ill children usually have enlarged submandibular lymph nodes. In general, the decline in immunity is due to anemia, hypothermia, avitaminosis, severe nervous tension or prolonged stress. Sometimes, the systemic increase of all lymph nodes indicates the presence of sick immunodeficiency states that are observed in AIDS;
  • In rare cases, thyroid gland, connective tissue, metabolic disorders, allergic reactions, chronic alcoholism become the cause of lymph nodes pain in the neck.

If there is cervical lymphadenitis, you should always consult a doctor. It is not necessary to engage in self-medication, especially in acute pain or inactive condition.


Determination of the cause of the disease and the focus of the infection is the first stage during the elimination of inflammation in the lymph nodes. Usually, treatment is to combat the underlying disease and increase immunity.

If lymph nodes are hurt around the neck, as well as the general condition of the patient worsens, it is recommended to discontinue any load on the body during this period and adhere to the bed rest.

Drug treatment can eliminate the inflammatory process, which most often causes pain in the lymph nodes. In this case, the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs (medrone, prednisolone, deltason) and antibiotics. All medicines can only be used by the appointment of a physician.

In case of suppuration, the surgeon produces an autopsy and cleanses the affected area. UHF therapy is a good effect. However, it is contraindicated to make warming compresses, apply hotplates or some other means to warm up the lymph nodes. Since this can lead to the spread of infection in the body, its ingestion into the bloodstream and even into the brain.

Also, if lymph nodes are on the neck, treatment should include taking multivitamins, restoration agents, and consuming foods rich in vitamin C to raise immunity.

Patient should avoid drafts and overcooling to prevent the development of chronic forms of the disease. In addition, in the treatment of lymphadenitis, it is recommended that you drink warm, drinking good, healthy food.

It is categorically contraindicated to treat inflamed lymph nodes at home, since in most cases, folk remedies do not ease the condition, but, on the contrary, deepen it.

From what lymph nodes can hurt on a neck
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