What causes a cold: overcooling or viruses

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It is known for sure that the cause of the disease is pathogens, but doctors are sure that any overcooling is equally dangerous. A cold is only a mild complication, hyperthermia can provoke far more dangerous diseases.

Hypothermia and cold are well studied. Medicines know the causes of the disease and the methods of treatment. If overcooling is diagnosed, the cold will also necessarily occur, but only if the immune defense is weakened and can not cope with the hypothermia that it encounters.

What is the role of overcooling in the onset of a cold?

Becoming a person does not always begin to hurt. And all because the immune system cope with the flow of viral infections. But it happens that any hypothermia, not even the most significant, is the cause of viral diseases. There are several explanations from doctors.

  1. Hyperthermia causes a change in blood supply to the respiratory mucus, resulting in less mucus, bacteria begin to multiply more rapidly, provoking the appearance of characteristic cold symptoms.
  2. Hyperthermia is a great stress that suppresses the immune system, so any overcooling is so dangerous. The cold is not the most dangerous thing that can happen to a person.
  3. A high temperature is a protective reaction of a person to viral infections, therefore, it can be assumed that a strong hypothermia prevents the fight against the causes of colds.

It's clear that not every hypothermia can cause colds. A person becomes ill only when the body is weakened.

Overcooling and colds - disease prevention

There is one major truth: in order not to be ill, it is necessary to harden. There are a lot of useful tips that help prevent overheating. The cold itself will retreat if a person watches the street temperature, dresses properly, stretches and cares for sports. Do not drink, do not eat cold in the winter on the street, watch out for drafts, and viral infections you will not be afraid.

Summarizing all of the above, one can draw some conclusions.

  1. Cold can lead to colds.
  2. It is dangerous any overcooling, a cold - it's just a slight complication.
  3. Doctors believe that a cold is not a diagnosis, but rather a reason that causes attention to health.
  4. You can not ignore hypothermia or colds. In case of identifying the characteristic symptoms, seek qualified assistance.

Remember, hypothermia - a physiological phenomenon, the severity of which depends on the emergence of serious complications. Cold - a set of characteristic symptoms that indicate the development of an infectious disease. These two concepts can enter into causative relationships only under certain conditions: the human immune system must be severely weakened.

What causes a cold: overcooling or viruses
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