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Sometimes there are situations in which the eating of certain products leads to unpleasant consequences in the form of rash, abdominal pain, scabies, etc. In order to prevent such phenomena, you need to know which products cause allergies.

In our time, many products are not perceived by the body of some people. This happens for many reasons, but most often the main one is allergy. It is difficult to cope with such an illness, but the easiest way is to know what foods are causing allergies and not to eat them.

Causes of allergy to food and its manifestations

Allergy to certain foods can be expressed in humans immediately after they are taken into food or over a longer period of time (sometimes it can reach even a few days). In such cases, doctors find it somewhat more difficult to determine which products cause allergies, because the test of the reaction of the body to them takes a long period of time.

It is fair to say that the reaction to certain ingredients is not always possible due to intolerance of the body. In such cases there may be other reasons. For example, if the food contains toxic chemicals or fertilizers in its composition, the same process occurs in the body as in the case of allergies to food.

The manifestation of allergy is also contributed to dysbiosis. The task of the doctor when searching for an allergen can be simplified if the patient regularly eats monotonous food. Everyone should know what foods are causing allergies, since those containing calcium and pectin can slow down the absorption of nutrients by the body. This leads to a lack of vivid manifestations of allergy.

At the same time, eating caffeine, alcoholic beverages, and other products that promote fast digestion of food can irritate the stomach or intestine, which further contributes to the appearance of the disease.

Products that are most commonly allergic

The following products can cause an allergic reaction most often:

  • Eggs;
  • milk;
  • Some species of fish;
  • Crayfish, oysters, crabs;
  • Some kinds of desserts, most of which are coffee, chocolate, cocoa, strawberry, orange.

If eating some dishes leads to the appearance of symptoms of allergy, you should have a diary for you, in which you could record for yourself the products that you used in the near future and could contribute to such reactions.

Know the foods that most often cause allergies should be greatest among the parents of young children. Preferably, before introducing a new ingredient into the baby's diet, consult a physician who could indicate the likelihood of allergy formation for the product.

What causes allergy: popular
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