What can we say about the condition of our nails

Health And Medical Video: 5 Things Your Nails Can Say About Your Health (April 2019).


Carefully consider your nails: changing their color, structure, the appearance of any defects can signal the very serious sores that are still in a hidden form.

- Longitudinal brownish strips on the nails speak of high content in the body of iron, as well as hormonal disorders.

- A bluish and bluish-purple nail color indicates a malfunction in the heart, heart failure.

- Blonde nails occur in the development of liver inflammation, thyroid diseases, elevated adrenal function.

- With diseases of the blood, anemia - the nail plates become pale-pale pink.

- White spots or longitudinal strips (grooves) on the nails may be associated with disorders in the digestive system. Similar manifestations occur if you have failed a manicure and, pushing the skin around the nails, damaged the germ band - the matrix.

- The fragility of nails and their bundles can be associated with a few things. Perhaps the body lacks zinc and calcium. Often nails are spoiled in the same way if you constantly deal with detergent and detergents without rubber gloves or use nail polish of low quality with high content of caustic substances.

- Fouling nails with a lack of microelements in the body - calcium and silicon. Calcium is best absorbed from milk and dairy products, silicon from fresh vegetables (especially rich in leaf lettuces, radishes), unripened rice and oat groats.

- If the nail begins to crumble, it becomes yellowish, the skin around it reddened, peeling, an unpleasant itching, maybe this is a fungal disease. Infection with fungus occurs most often in swimming pools, shower cabins, locker rooms, fitness clubs (the fungus loves heat and humidity).

By folk remedies the fungus is not treated, so at the first symptoms should contact a dermatologist.

What can we say about the condition of our nails
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