What can get sick if you are nervous all the time

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We are accustomed to hearing the opinions of older people who insist that nerves are the precursors of all diseases. In fact, this partly corresponds to reality, because scientists have proven that not all diseases appear from the nerves. For example, such as: sexually transmitted diseases, oncology, cirrhosis and other serious diseases requiring proper treatment and supervision of a physician. But there is also a list of diseases that really develop from people who are often nervous and do not recover from stress.

Psychosomatic illnesses are caused by the accumulation of negative emotions and thoughts, with which there is absolutely no power to say goodbye to man. It's not so much in the nerves, but in the reaction to stress, for example, a person can for a long time blame himself for something, that is, she is not nervous any more, but still continues to torture her psyche. One of the most serious mistakes a person is that she refuses medical treatment, referring to the fact that she became ill through nerves. This misleading can lead to serious complications and even fatal outcome, so doctors are increasingly reminded of the obligation to apply to the hospital for any illness.

In general, psychosomatic illnesses include the following diseases: ulcer and gastritis of the stomach, asthma, hypertension, dermatitis. Also, women and men may have problems with sexual drive in the background of nervous tension, and here it is true, you just have to relax and forget about the problems for a while, but if this does not help, then the doctor's help is vital to you.

Psychologists recommend supplementing the treatment of diseases with drugs that have a calming effect on the human psyche, only in this way treatment will be effective. At the same time, you do not necessarily need to drink potent drugs, which you will want to sleep all the time, enough will be herbal tea and infusion of valerianes in order to calm nerves and feel good. But such an "add-on" to basic treatment is necessary only if the doctor tells you that the cause or concomitant factor of the disease is the nerves.

Try not to be nervous on a permanent basis, learn to "squeeze" from everything that happens to you, only the best and the most positive, give yourself time and relax more often, then you will not appear any psychosomatic illness.

What can get sick if you are nervous all the time
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