Welds with a loved one can cause an early death

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If a person believes that his partner does not support it, then she is likely to develop heart disease, employees at the University of Utah warn. As the survey showed, when the partner sometimes supported, but sometimes he was very upset by the man, there was a high level of arterial calcification, writes The Daily Mail. And this increases the risk of premature death.

The researchers interviewed 136 elderly couples (middle age - 63 years, and duration of marriage - 36 years). Evaluated the overall degree of satisfaction with the marriage and the level of support provided by the husband. Approximately 30% of the people considered the partner as a source of support, and in 70% of cases the partner backed up, then he refused this role. Scanning using computer tomography revealed the state of the coronary arteries of the participants in the study.

The highest levels of calcification were recorded if both partners perceived their second half as a person who sometimes provides support, and sometimes does not justify expectations. This, apparently, changed the attitude of people to each other, increased the level of stress that affects the heart and blood vessels. If so, only one partner thought that the risk was much lower.

The effect did not depend on the sex of a person.

Welds with a loved one can cause an early death
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