We prepare the hands of the blind child for writing and reading

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How to develop fine motor skills in people with visual impairment: special exercises.

The Braille sheet requires strong hands and sensitive fingers. At the same time, children with weak hands, with undeveloped petty motility often come to the school for the visually impaired. They are not able to carry out small activities, search activities, perceive relief images, and this is the basis of reading and writing on Braille.

Development of small motility in blind children

Small motor skills in children with visual impairment, as well as in healthy ones, need to be developed from an early age.

In 2-3 years with children you can have special classes - every day for ten minutes. They begin with a small massage of hands: rubbing, stroking, patting up the appearance of heat. Soon the child will learn how to do such a massage and can prepare her hands for work.

Then exercises for fingers of hands are performed in combination with funny poems, poteshki, games:

  • The child alternately bends his fingers and suggests: this finger is a mom, this finger is a dad, this finger is a grandmother, this finger is a grandfather, and the little one is me, and this is my whole family.
  • The child turns his bent fingers in turn.

Well, brothers, for work, Show your hunt, Big - chop firewood, Indication - stove to heat, Average - to carry water, Unnamed - cook lunch, And a little finger - a cake to bake.

Exercises for fingers and hands

  • "Hello": all the fingers are in turn greetings, big with big, index with index, etc.
  • "Goat Dirty": pull the index finger and little finger, and the rest of the fingers bend.
  • The thumb and forefinger are elongated, others are joined together.
  • "Funny men": index and middle fingers run around the table.
  • Make a click in turn with the fingers of the right and left hands.
  • "Fish": Brush your hands to make wave-like movements.
  • Handle vibrating movements with your hands, immitating the flying birds.

Promote the development of small motility games with colorful mosaics, designers, as well as sculpting of plasticine, stroke of drawings with pencils (markers for this purpose are not suitable, since they do not require muscle tension).

When organizing any activity of the child, it is necessary to analyze how much it contributes to the development of small motility. Parents can instruct children to take groats, disassemble threads or buttons, unwind and re-tune wool clubs, wash handkerchiefs or socks.

Preparing the blind child to read the relief-dotted font

To prepare a blind child for relief-dot font reading, parents should train the finger pads to take a variety of relief images.

For this use cardboard or foil. Parents make any points or lines on the surface, and the child on the reverse side reads out the image.

Subsequently, the child himself will do the following drawings and read them.

We prepare the hands of the blind child for writing and reading
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