Ways to improve vision: a complex of simple exercises

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Today's life increases the burden on all human organs. The eyes are also suffering - natural optics, which is presented to us in order to see the world in all its marvelous colors. We are constantly sitting at the computer or in front of the TV, holding all sorts of gadgets in our hands, continuing to strain your eyesight in the transport, in the queue and even on the rest. Therefore, the eyes need to constantly maintain healthy and tone.

In order for the eyes to be as healthy as possible and not lose their functions, so that the vision did not fall catastrophically and the joy of contact with the outside world remained in our lives, you must constantly conduct a preventive set of exercises for the eyes.

Vision can be sustained independently and even improve it, if you perform a set of restorative eye exercises. To start, you need to stretch your eyes, first tightly close them, and then - wide open. The next few seconds to spit quickly, quickly and behave with your eyes, without turning your head, left and right, up and down.

Then you need to twist your eyes in one direction for a couple of seconds and a couple of seconds - in the opposite. Look diagonally down and then up, change the angles and repeat the exercise. Next you have to look at the tip of his nose. It helps to keep your eyes on tonus, such an exercise: pull your hand forward with a raised finger or pencil, focus on it, then look your eyes, back and forth to the pencil. It takes five seconds to watch, repeat ten times.

Another proven way: to draw a marker point on the box at eye level. Watch a couple of seconds at a point, a couple of seconds away. To repeat this complex is ten times. Another exercise: Draw an eight-figure, five-fold, with your eyes open.

Highlight the time in the office and pull out the pencil hand, focus your eyes and track one eye, moving your hands to the right and left. Such complex is also done five times. And then you need to petite with small eyes.

Already at home, having washed his hands and resting, you need to close your eyes and massage the ophthalmia and age: put the tips of middle fingers in the fossils near the poreless and with a slight pressure to outline the circle through the lower eyelid to the upper century. Sit a minute with your eyes closed, relax as much as possible, breathe even.

All of these exercises need to be performed once a day - they perfectly train the eye muscles, providing the eye nerves with sufficient blood flow, strengthen and effectively help to restore lost vision percentages. Those who work for days on a computer constantly, we recommend to do a couple of proposed exercises hourly.

Ways to improve vision: a complex of simple exercises
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