Ways to treat blind injury oka

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The dull eye injury is a pathology of the organ of vision associated with damage to the eyeball. Such injuries occur quite often, and the causes of their occurrence are the most diverse.

The blunt eye injury is subdivided into several varieties according to the defeat of certain parts of the optical apparatus. Emit traumas of the eyelids, conjunctiva, tear ducts, sclera, cornea, vitreous body, various eye units.

The degree of gravity of eye injuries

At the heart of determining the severity of blunt eye injury are functional and anatomical disorders of the eyeball. There are such degrees of blunt eye injury.

  1. Light blunt injury. Reversible processes are short-term pain in the area of ​​the eye, scratches, damage to the century, blows to the surface of the eye tissues.
  2. Trauma of moderate severity is characterized by partially irreversible processes and physiological changes. Possible reduction of vision to 0,3 diopters. With this blunt eye injury, light and medium-sized strikes of the century, damage to the conjunctiva, as well as some changes in the retina of the eye are observed.
  3. Severe dull eye damage is expressed in irreversible functional and morphological changes, as well as in the permanent and steady reduction of visual acuity below 0.3 dioptrium. Such injuries include lesions, which completely lose visual functions: detachment and rupture of the retina, hemophtalm.
  4. Very heavy blunt eye trauma. Such injuries include cases of irreversible blindness. Often accompanied by a deformation of the eyeball, a rupture or separation of the optic nerve. Full or partial amputation of the eyeball is possible.

The dull eye injury is also characterized by erosion of tissues surrounding the eyeball. With a large foci of damage, the epithelium of the cornea, the epidermis of the surrounding skin of the eye is affected, infection and inflammation of the tear ducts are possible.

Methods of treating blunt eye trauma

First aid with a dull eye injury should be aimed at relieving pain and visual discomfort of the victim, as well as to eliminate edema or hemorrhage. Symptoms of blunt trauma of the eyeball can not always be detected from the first time. Therefore, it is recommended to appoint a full range of drugs for analgesia, regeneration and stimulation of damaged vision.

Anesthetics (Novocaine, Pyromecaine, Lidocaine), analgesics (Trigan, Analgin) and sedative (Seduksen, Tazepam, valerian infusion) should be used as first aid for eye injury. In case of severe damage to eye tissues, the course of antibiotics-sulfanilamides will be prescribed.

The blunt eye injury should be eliminated as soon as possible from the moment it is applied. A dash can provoke a sharp and permanent loss of vision. Effective and timely medical care with a blunt strike can save the optic nerve and help prevent surgical intervention.

Ways to treat blind injury oka
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