Warts on the hands

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To skin illnesses of hands are warts - small benign formations of viral origin. Externally, the warts are similar to dense knots with a flat rough surface gray-brown or the color of normal skin, with a diameter of 0.5-3 mm, sometimes up to 10 mm.

Infection with the virus occurs in direct contact with the patient and through household items, the appearance of warts contribute to minor skin injuries and depressed state of the nervous system.

There are several types of warts, of which the most common are ordinary (plain) and flat (juvenile) warts, their favorite place - on the back side of the hand and at the fingers. Students and young people are particularly vulnerable to warts. Typically, recognition of warts is not difficult, but it is important to distinguish them from moles in their hands or warts. Warts on the hands are painless, only occasionally can cause slight itching, but they cause huge damage to the appearance of a person.

When the warts appear on the nail plate, especially in the area of ​​the matrix of the nail, the nail plate is thickening, becoming rough, on it there are longitudinal or transverse furrows. The warts on the tip of a finger may spread under the nail, then painful feelings appear, the nail plate is separated from the bed, it becomes dull. Upper warts are multiple, and on the surface of the finger can not be warts.

Treatment of warts in dermatological or cosmetic cabinets is carried out by electrocoagulation, liquid nitrogen, solid carbonic acid. There are methods of baking the surface of warts with strong acids, but they are considered obsolete and dangerous. For multiple warts, surgical removal is sometimes used. Fungus warts require more complex special treatment from the dermatologist. Various therapeutic methods are also used.

For single warts successfully used special liquids for tasting (Verrukacid, Ferezol) or Leopard pencil. At the same time, it is recommended to receive vitamins of group B, especially - B12. Bleeding liquids only lubricate the rough surface of the warts, while the fluid penetrates deep into its porous top. Preliminarily lubricate vaseline with a healthy skin around the wart to prevent burns.

For many years, multiple waxing of warts with fresh juice of celandine has been used. It is important to remember that often a person himself increases the number of warts on his skin, spreading from one wart. It is necessary to regularly inspect the skin of the hands of the child, and when the warts appear, immediately take measures to remove it.

Protection of hands from infection or reproduction of warts consists in general hygienic rules, which can be observed by the adult and the child, only to be told by children about them. Clean hands with intact skin - an excellent barrier against viruses. To prevent the onset of warts, it is necessary to maintain the nervous system in balance and avoid possible places of infection.

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Warts on the hands
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