Want to live long and happy? get married!

Your Wife (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Statistics say - "married women" live on average 10 years longer than their neo-ringed sister, who lead either completely bachelor life, or live in a civil marriage.

And the matter is not in the care of a woman - feeding and washing the laundry can also mother, and still comes a native worker. The point in the sense of stability, which is given to her husband legitimized feelings, and in love.

The sociological survey confirmed that 76% of married men in the age range of 18-64 years attend doctors during the year. But 60% of men who live in civil marriages and 65% of hard-nosed bachelors did not monitor their health at all. The conclusions are obvious - married men with the least anxious symptoms necessarily turned to doctors. And not because they are so disciplined - just around were loving women who pushed men to seek a qualified consultation and, if necessary, help.

And, no matter how married men complain about their mother and wife, they are still in the field of emotional security. Scientists have found that men who have not only careful but also loving wives reduce the risk of contracting angina and not such a terrible cholesterol as the lack of love in human life. An important factor is the unwillingness of men to act in their family life, in accordance with the model of the dysfunctional relations of their parents. You must definitely build your relationships in which love and understanding will prevail. It will provide you a healthy and lasting life. And bachelors let them think and make their own choices.

Want to live long and happy? get married!

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