Verification of vision in children

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For children's sight, regular visits to the ophthalmologist are very important. However, the on-the-spot screening of children in a kindergarten, outpatient clinic or school may not always give a complete and accurate picture of the health of the children's eyes.

Well, if nobody has eyesight problems in the family, this does not guarantee 100% protection from vision problems in the child. Conversely, the dependence on the bad vision of the parents, too, will not always work: that is, if you have short-sightedness or farsightedness, this does not mean that the child will also have a similar visual impairment. But in order to get rid of all doubt, it is necessary to check the view of the child by an ophthalmologist.

Examination of children's eyes. Ways

To date, there are different ways to test your vision.

  1. In our polyclinics, kindergartens and high schools, tables are still used for surveys. In the event that the test does not detect deviations, this will end the diagnosis of vision in children. However, this does not always reflect the full picture. It is important to note that the unit of visual acuity is not a qualitative indicator, since in reality the child may have concealed myopia, and if it is not cured on time, it may well become a serious violation. Farsightedness may also be frustrated, which in most cases requires some correction.
  2. With the help of diagnostic devices of the new generation, a higher accuracy of vision is ensured in the child, as well as a rapid diagnosis of diseases of the visual apparatus. However, the cost of such a survey is quite high, so not everyone dares to carry it out.

It should be noted that the diagnosis of childhood differs significantly from the diagnosis of an adult in the sense that the child does not always fulfill the requirements of the doctor and often can not assess and explain their feelings or just accurately answer the questions. Therefore, the importance of the diagnostic process is that the result of the test does not depend on the correctness of any child's actions.

Detection of refraction changes

Diagnostics of refraction change occurs with the help of an autorefractometer. Previously, this method due to the too high cost of the device was conducted only for adult ophthalmosurgery, but for today there are also children's autorefractometry. On such a device, vision testing in children does not require the precision of eye fixing, since the device itself monitors the movement of the eye. Diagnostic device is designed to monitor violations of not only the optical apparatus, but also the cornea.

With the help of computer diagnostics, the measurement of the length of the eyeball is also made, which enables us to determine the causes of the set of refractive disorders of the visual apparatus. Thanks to the quality equipment, visual inspection will sparing and will not cause unpleasant sensations in children.

It is also worth noting that vision testing in children should be conducted only in proven ways, with a complete evidence base and, of course, without contraindications to their use.

Verification of vision in children
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