Verification of vision - eye health order

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Visual examination is a prophylactic procedure that people should take at least once a year. But many are in no hurry to the ophthalmologist's office to the point at which the first vision problems begin.

Early diagnosis of eye diseases will help stop the deterioration of vision in a timely manner. Even cataracts at the initial stage are treated with eye drops and ointments.

How is the visual inspection done?

Usually at the reception, the ophthalmologist is interested in the patient's condition, asks if there are any complaints about vision. Be sure to check if there is no myopia or farsightedness. To do this, use special tables that help determine not only the presence of the problem, but also find out how much vision has deteriorated.

When checking the vision, the doctor first inspects the surface of the eye, then examines the full face. In order to see the inner side, a special solution, which extends the pupil, is drowned in the eyes. Action takes 15 minutes. After using drops for about 5-6 hours, it is difficult for a person to focus on vision. But this is not dangerous.

If necessary, an ophthalmologist can prescribe a glasses or lens recipe, as well as recommend procedures aimed at improving vision.

When a visual inspection is required

A preventive visit to an ophthalmologist is recommended once a year. But if you suddenly have problems with your eyes, contact a specialist should be as soon as possible.

If you find at least one of these signs, then you need urgent eye checks:

  • Worsening visibility far, vagueness of objects at a distance;
  • Bad visibility of symbols when reading, it's difficult to focus your eyes;
  • Any pain in the eye;
  • Regular redness and dryness;
  • Obscurity of vision, fuzzy image at any distance;
  • A constant feeling of blemish in the eye.

If a person wears contact lenses, eyesight and eye examinations are performed every six months. Diagnostic examination is necessary to detect various eye damage, including infectious.

The Importance of Examination in Children

Particular attention should be paid to checking children's visual acuity. Because of their age, they still can not understand if visibility changes in some way. And the change in vision clarity over the years is more and more difficult to correct.

Correction of vision

Modern technology allows you to effectively correct vision. What was previously fantastic is quite simple to accomplish today. You can correct some forms of hyperopia and myopia, replace the lens, remove strabby.

The operation for correction of myopia, if there is no special indication, lasts about 10 minutes, and then the patient goes home. Hospitalization is not necessary, but in a couple of days you can lead a normal way of life. In most cases, this allows you to get a 100% result, and wearing glasses no longer needed.

Before any operation in front of the eyes, a special eye examination is required. With the help of special equipment, doctors analyze the structure of the eye, in detail investigate the glans, the condition of the retina and other parameters. But such a deep examination is necessary only in cases of preparation for surgery. In order to prevent a person enough to visit a doctor-ophthalmologist a year.

Eye examinations should be performed regularly to avoid eye diseases that may reduce visual acuity. The examination of vision should become a good habit that will help to maintain the health of the eyes for a long time.

Verification of vision - eye health order

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