Valerian is a popular soft soothing

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Valerian - probably the most widely used sedative. Its popularity is due to the almost complete absence of negative side effects and ease of use.

Valerian, or, speaking scientific language, the valerian extract is a medication that has a sedative (soothing) effect. At pharmacies, these medicines are usually presented in two possible variations: pills covered with a special envelope or infusion.

Components of a valerian

In the composition of the valerian, which is, in essence, a means of purely organic origin, includes the following substances:

  • Essential oils;
  • Valeric acid;
  • Alkaloids;
  • Resin;
  • Organic acids;
  • Glycosides;
  • Polysaccharides;
  • Valiopatrices

Each of the components has its own effect on the human body. Valapeopatriates and valerian acid are spasmaletics, in other words, they help to remove spasms of smooth muscles, which usually accompany nervous excitement. Vegetable components of the valerian have a complex effect: they not only lead to the heart rhythm in the normal state, but also contribute to the expansion of coronary vessels. In general, the influence of valerianum is manifested in the suppression of the central nervous system, which significantly reduces its excitability. As a result, the process of the onset of a physiological (natural) sleep is greatly facilitated.

Application and action of valerian

The main plus of the valerian is that, with a rather slow onset of sedative (relaxing) effect, the effect of the drug for a long time remains at a fairly stable level. In addition, the valerian can be used as an auxiliary agent. It enhances the effect of other sedative or hypnotics.

The use of valerian in the form of tablets will positively affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract. This is due to the fact that in this form of valerian has a choleretic effect, which means that it helps to increase secretion throughout the digestive tract.

Effect of valerian on the body will be effective in the following disorders:

  • Increased excitation;
  • Sleep disorders, the cause of which is excessive overexcitation of the nervous system;
  • Mild forms of neurasthenia;
  • Hysterical conditions.

If we talk about disorders that are not directly related to the central nervous system, then the drug can be successfully used for systematic migraine, disorders in the cardiovascular system, in the unstable functioning of the digestive tract. Naturally, in this case valerian is not a panacea, and is used mainly as an auxiliary preparation.

Valerian: contraindications

As for contraindications, they are practically absent from the valerian. It is undesirable to use the drug for individuals whose body has a high sensitivity to the components of the drug. It is also not recommended to give a valerian to children under four years old. Care should be taken to treat women who are in a position.

Thus, valerian extract is the safest and most proven product, not only has a relaxing effect on the CNS in nervous excitement, but which could be used as an auxiliary drug for some disorders of other systems of the body.

Valerian in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the nervous system of a woman experiences a double load. Women in this period become especially vulnerable, lethargic, abusive, inflammatory, and nervous. Therefore, physicians will appoint them soothing in the form of tablets or tincture of valerian roots. But is it possible to drink pregnant valerian?

Whether it is possible to drink a pregnant woman valerian, is mostly decided by the attending physician. As a rule, the majority of women in the position are shown taking light sedative on a natural basis, which is valerian in tablets. This is one of the most low-toxic drugs permitted during pregnancy.

Valerian has a mild soothing and antispasmodic effect. Its effect on the body is not rapid, but has the ability to accumulate, which determines the duration of soothing effect. Due to the spasmolytic properties of valerian, it is capable of removing the increased uterine tone at the risk of miscarriage, which is one of the main indications for appointment in the early stages of pregnancy and with gestosis.

But still the main reason for appointing a valerian doctor is a nervous state of a woman who is waiting for the baby to appear. The question of whether pregnant women can drink valerian with increased excitability, usually resolved in favor of taking the drug.

Uncontrollably, it's impossible to take it. In each individual case, the doses of the dasg are prescribed by the physician. It is usually 1-2 tablets from 2 to 3 times a day for a month. Can pregnant drink valerian drops, depends on the severity of the woman's condition. Typically, taking drops is not recommended because of alcohol content, but in the case when it is necessary to calm down more quickly, their reception is permissible, since drops are faster.

Can a pregnant woman drink tincture of valerian roots, will tell folk medicine. The decoction or infusion of valerian roots is widely used in phytotherapy to improve sleep and calming nerves in pregnant women. Typically, the raw material is poured in cold water and boiled for 5 minutes, and then pressed. Take broth can be 1-2 tablespoons. Per day

Overdose with valerian preparations

Some women are wondering whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink the valerian constantly? This applies primarily to highly sensitive individuals. However, the constant intake of a sedative drug leads to its accumulation in the body, which threatens violations of cardiovascular activity not only in the mother, but also in her future child. In addition to such a negative effect, uncontrolled dosing, especially in large doses, can provoke side effects:

  • Nausea;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Constipation;
  • dizziness;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Allergic reactions.

Thus, the answer to the question "Can I drink pregnant women valerian?" Positive with one caveat: in reasonable doses and only if necessary. After all, taking even such a natural remedy as valerian is undesirable given the possibility of side effects.

Valerian is a popular soft soothing

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