The usual deodorants will replace lollipops

Strange Lollipop Taste Test Ft. Rosanna Pansino & Ijustine (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

On the market there are many deodorants: sprays, drains, roller versions. But the Bulgarian company offered an unexpected solution - sweets with the effect of eliminating unpleasant smells of the body. The owner of a small candy company, Ventsyslav Peichev, believes that beauty should go from within, and candy can fully handle this task.

According to SBS, sweets are called "Deo Perfume Candy". Their task is to neutralize the smell of the body, replacing it with a sweet aroma. The effect is kept for up to six hours (it all depends on the size of the person and how much candy she ate).

It is known: sweets come in various forms (with soft filling, hard candy, chewable and non-sugar versions). At the heart of the study is the study of Japanese scientists who found that the main component of rose oil, geraniol, is not split in the body, but is excreted through the skin. That is, geraniol - the contrast of garlic, able to add a bad odor to the body.

Bulgaria is one of the main producers of pink oils. This development received a bronze medal at the Geneva Invention Exhibition in 2011 and a technical innovation prize at the Paris Food Exhibition SIAL last October. Candies have now entered the US, Asia, and several European countries.

The usual deodorants will replace lollipops

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