Usher's syndrome

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Among people who suffer from deep sensory impairment, people with eye diseases suffer from severe hearing impairment. According to world statistics, 5-6% of these people are suffering from Usher's syndrome.

Among people who suffer from deep sensory impairment, people with eye diseases are affected by hearing impairment. According to world statistics, 5 to 6% of these people are suffering from Usher's syndrome.

What is Usher syndrome?

Usher's syndrome is an hereditary illness that manifests itself in complete loss of hearing and gradual loss of vision. Such hearing loss is usually caused by pigment retinitis, pigmented degeneration of the retina. In this case, there is a gradual aging of the cells of the retina, which leads to deterioration of vision. Important is the earliest possible diagnosis of the syndrome, and as a consequence of providing psychological, social assistance, social support with gradual deterioration of vision.

Symptoms of Usher syndrome

A significant proportion of people born with Usher syndrome have a complete loss of hearing, disturbing their eyesight with such a diagnosis in the first stages accompanied by poor visibility in the dark, manifestations of "chicken blindness", as a rule, manifests itself in adolescence. The older the person becomes, the more he begins to lose the lateral peripheral vision, as long as it does not become tunnel. Most often, the central vision almost does not suffer. However, the syndrome progresses over the years. Subsequently, the central vision is lost, although the symptoms of Usher's syndrome do not lead to total blindness. Some people suffering from this syndrome have an imbalance People who suffer from Usher syndrome in most cases do not get blind, they do not completely lose sight, they have little left, although from the point of view of jurisprudence they are considered blind. It is almost impossible to answer the question about how quickly it is impossible to answer the vision, because each of these processes is individual. In connection with what the degree of loss of vision in all patients is different. An ophthalmologist, familiar with the problem of Usher's syndrome, can provide a qualified consultation on this issue. The increase in symptoms occurs gradually, which is what helps people prepare for vision and adapt in society.

Inheritance syndrome Ushera

Usher's syndrome is inherited in the event that both parents are ill for them, that is, it is inherited by the recessive type, or it is its bearers, that is, they have a tendency. When entering into the marriage of two carriers of the gene, the probability of having a baby with Usher's syndrome 1: 4, He who has only one gene of the disease is a carrier, but SAMAM has no symptoms of the violation. Modern science can not determine whether a person is a carrier of the gene or not. In the event that marriage enters the carriers of the gene with those who do not have such a gene, the probability of having a child with a similar syndrome is negligible, however, in any case the child becomes a carrier.

Difficulties in contacting people with Usher syndrome

Do not hear people sick with syndrome associated with pigment retinitis difficult to respond to loss of vision, often do not communicate. He avoids new acquaintances, reduces communication with the old, it is increasingly difficult to maintain his former warm relations with people. This is largely due to loss of vision and the difficulties of adaptation in school, college, at work, in the family. Often people start to ignore their problems with their eyesight. The first signal of deterioration is not the ability of a person to see in dark places, and therefore to communicate, reading information from the lips, or seeing gestures. The most gradual loss of vision is, first of all, heavy stress, which entails increased irritability, fatigue is not the desire to interact with people. These problems are not uncommon for people suffering from Usher's syndrome, for the correction and assistance in adapting it is necessary to appeal to specialists in the field of psychology, pedagogy, sociology, who are familiar with Usher syndrome and can help a person in a difficult moment.

Usher's syndrome
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