The us government is struggling with obesity among lesbians

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As noted in the Daily Mail, for research on the relationship between excess weight and sexual orientation of the patient from the US budget allocated about one and a half million dollars.

The grant given to the National Institutes of Health states that studying the issue of obesity among lesbian women is of paramount importance to healthcare in comparison with gay men.

Researchers emphasize that no scientist had been involved with this problem before. However, they managed to find out that women with unconventional sexual orientation are far more suffering from the epidemic of obesity, which will enable physicians not only to study the problem, but also to find out from it.

The whole project is designed for five years, but the first conclusions are expected to be obtained in three years, they should include a strategy for combating obesity among women of non-traditional orientation.

The head of the study will be the director of the medical center, and Professor of Harvard Medical University, Breen Austin.

The us government is struggling with obesity among lesbians
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