Up to 7 pounds a week can be dropped on this buckwheat diet

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Many people who have overcome their laziness and the desire to eat, who have spent one or two weeks on buckwheat, noted incredible results. The buckwheat diet will not only help you lose weight, but also cleanse the digestive tract, normalize metabolism, accelerate metabolism and so on.

The buckwheat diet is that within one week you should eat buckwheat and drink fat-free kefir. It is desirable at least two to three days to last exclusively on buckwheat with kefir, and then you can start to enter other dietary products.

Nutritionists can supplement the buckwheat diet with dietary or nonfat fish, boiled eggs, fresh or boiled vegetables, as well as fruit, berries and other dairy products.

In the first three days, you can lose weight per kilogram, but only if you drink two liters of water a day, stop using greasy, smoked and roasted foods.

Doctors do not advise too long to admire the buckwheat diet, because for the normal work of all internal organs and systems, vitamins and minerals are needed. Even during a seven-day diet on buckwheat and kefir, it is worthwhile to drink vitamins in order to at least somehow fill their stocks in the body.

There is a certain rule of buckwheat diet - one day you can eat half a glass of dry buckwheat, which is fried with boiling water and is trodden overnight, and only one liter of kefir can be cooked. You can choose kefir with different percentages of fat, but nutritionists insist on skimmed beverages.

The buckwheat diet is often called harsh, though, in fact, you will not be hungry. You can eat buckwheat or drink kefir at any time convenient for you, of course, if you drink before or after consuming porridge.

But the opinions of those who survived the buckwheat diet and are noticeably thin, vary considerably. Some buckwheat and kefir ate separately, while others were drinking porridge with kefir, or even pouring it and eating it like a milk liquid porridge. These methods do not affect the results, no matter how you eat buckwheat and kefir - they will still make you slimmer.

It is very important, after a diet, not to start again overnight and put in your buns, candy, fatty meat and fried potatoes. Otherwise, all your awesome results will disappear into two accounts, and on the scales you will soon see + two, and even five kilograms of excess weight.

Up to 7 pounds a week can be dropped on this buckwheat diet
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