Unloading days have no effect on the body

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The idea of ​​the unloading month after the winter holidays is very popular. The idea is to relinquish animal products for a whole month, explains The Sydney Morning Herald. Also possible is a regime that involves reducing the consumption of harmful products in principle.

However, nutritionists do not share optimism. A few weeks do not solve anything if the person did not control himself during the year. Arteries will still be fattened by cholesterol, and supposedly this month, the intake of dietary supplements, which allegedly relieve toxin, will be an unnecessary waste. So-called toxins are normal metabolic products. The body is created perfectly to deal with them.

A number of studies have shown: detox additives do not work or their effect can not be unequivocally calculated. In some cases, it is a net effect of placebo. Also, in the world, the diet of supplements is less regulated in comparison with the market of medicines.

Therefore, the intake of additives potentially threatens unpleasant consequences if they contain dangerous substances for a particular person.

Unloading days have no effect on the body
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