A universal remedy for fatty food was discovered

Secret Drink To Lose Belly Fat Natural Way!!! (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

If to eat daily with a handful of gill stains, then you can cope with the negative effects of fat diet, scientists have established. It has been proven: these berries reduce the pressure and inflammation rates, writes The Daily Mail. The secret is the high concentration of polyphenols (anthocyanins), says the staff of the University of East Finland.

They fed mice with fatty foods for 3 months. At the same time, 5% or 10% of the ration fell on the berries. The effect of the diet was analyzed by the level of inflammation in the cells. And it is known that in obese people increased markers of inflammation and this is connected, in turn, with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and hypertension.

Inflammation was evaluated by the concentration of cytokines - compounds that are isolated by white blood cells that trigger the immune response. If there are many cytokines, then there is an inflammation in the body. Blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity as well as pressure and weight were also measured. As a result, the fat diet unequivocally led to weight gain, changes in sugar, fat metabolism, blood pressure and inflammation.

However, the berries reduced inflammation and prevented the increase in pressure. Plus, as previous studies have shown, products rich in polyphenols, reduce the number of fat cells to three-quarters (the highest dose - by 73%, and the lowest - by 27%).

A universal remedy for fatty food was discovered

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