A unique method of preventing stone formation in the kidneys

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Urolithiasis occurs due to the fact that the body is disturbed by the outflow of urine and this problem needs to be addressed as a root cause, in an emergency manner. For this, all variants can be approached, up to surgical intervention.

For the prevention of stone formation in the kidneys at the moment there is a large selection of medicines that should be used only by the appointment of doctors. In general, and especially during the period of treatment, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum the consumption of salty foods. After all, an excessive amount of cooking salt promotes water retention, complicates the functioning of the kidneys and can provoke stone formation.

It is important that the amount of water in the daily diet is within 1.5-2 liters. Water metabolism in the body is closely linked to the mineral. Everything is logical - the less fluid a person consumes, the more souls accumulate in urine and blood. And this is already the path to the fact that they will fall in the siege and form stones. At the slightest deviation from the norm in the work of the cardiovascular system, you should immediately start to drink more fluid.

But at the same time you can drink not all in a row. So, sweetened carbonated drinks contain substances that only irritate the kidneys. When choosing mineral water it is necessary to know that table water, for example, can be drunk for all, and medical - only for the appointment of a doctor. After all, it contains salts that can contribute to the formation of stones in the kidneys and urinary tract.

For prophylaxis of urolithiasis, it is useful to drink boiled water, tea with honey and lemon, milk, cranberry and celery fruit. All these drinks greatly reduce the concentration of urine and prevent the formation of stones.

When a person with a kidney disease experiences a period of remission, then by appointment of a doctor it is possible to start the intake of mineral water. Sometimes mineral baths that have a sedative effect are prescribed at the sanatorium treatment. But drinking mineral water is possible only during the remission, when there is no pain syndrome.

But there are certain rules for treating mineral water and they must be followed:

  • Must combine treatment with mineral water with diet therapy;
  • Drink water warm, heated to a temperature of 40-50 ° C;
  • Take 1-3 cups of water per day (depending on the doctor's recommendation) for 30-90 minutes before eating;
  • Decontaminate the water before use.

In treatment, it is strictly forbidden to drink even low-water water or more of the specified amount. It is worth remembering that mineral water with prolonged use can lead to washing or, conversely, deposition of salts in the kidneys and joints, violation of the acid-base balance of the body.

A unique method of preventing stone formation in the kidneys
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