Created unique hepatitis c drugs

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Chinese and American scientists have developed drugs to remove all traces of the presence of hepatitis C virus from the liver and other organs of the human body only three weeks after the start of their admission.

Hepatitis C is a viral disease that affects the liver and ultimately leads to cirrhosis and death. This disease is curable, but medicines do not work well at all, cause side effects and require nearly a year of continuous treatment and do not always work. There are six types of hepatitis C virus, the most common of which can often be suppressed even after an annual therapy.

George Lau of the Liver Center in Hong Kong (China) and his colleagues found a potential solution to this problem by developing a special blend of several anti-hepatitis drugs that cleans the human body from all traces of the virus in just three weeks.

According to scientists, each of its components attacks various proteins and elements of the "assemblage conveyor" of viral particles in the affected liver cells, preventing the hepatitis virus from collecting new copies of itself.

The work of this drug was tested in a group of 18 volunteers infected with hepatitis C, all of which were cured after three weeks, and completely deprived of all traces of the virus after 12 weeks. According to scientists, side effects either completely absent or were minimal.

In the near future, Lau and his colleagues hope to begin more extensive clinical trials of these drugs that will show how effective this technique is and how it is safe in practice, on more dangerous types of the virus and more vulnerable organisms of people.

If these experiments are completed successfully, as hoped by Hong Kong physicians, they can induce large pharmaceutical companies that hold patents for each of the three components of medicine to start collaborating with each other and create effective medicines rather than trying to maximize profits.

Today, as Lau says, the cost of hepatitis C treatment exceeds $ 100,000. The scientist hopes that his discovery will allow for an orderly reduction of the expenses that people and states bear in countering the "silent killer", from which it is not yet possible to protect themselves by vaccination.

Created unique hepatitis c drugs

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