Undetected infection with serious consequences

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Chlamydia can prolong for a long time, never showing up. But in the absence of treatment of complications do not go away.

Some infections may not be known for years, gradually multiplying in the cells of the body and provoking serious complications. One of them is chlamydia. So, according to the study, in the United States, about 90% of the adult population has this disease, but few know it.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infectious disease, the causative agent of which is chlamydia-pathogenic intracellular bacteria, which, in the case of primary infection, affect the cells of the main barrier systems of the body. Chlamydia, like viruses, has the ability to go out of the cell without its destruction, which provides the possibility of moderate, often asymptomatic infection.

Among the main complications that arise in women should be noted:

Undetected infection with serious consequences
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