Undead: allergy no

The Undead Truth About Allergies And Asthma (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose caused by various allergens. It is characterized by a violation of nasal breathing, sneezing, mucous discharge from the nose. But it is not necessary to engage in self-diagnostics, because runny nose causes not only allergy.

The American Association of Allergists has conducted extensive research, collecting information from over 600 patients. To each of them the therapist recommended consultation of an otolaryngologist, but only one third applied for help to a specialist.

In addition, studies have shown that half of patients prescribed themselves a treatment on the basis of available symptoms, although more than half of the subjects were chronic sinsusitis, and not undead due to allergies.

But the most alarming thing is that half of those polled never visited an otolaryngologist.

Undead: allergy or sinusitis

Sinusitis - inflammation of one or several paranasal sinuses of the nose. Depending on which sinus is affected, distinguish sinusitis, frontis, etiomiditisphenoiditis.

If the inflammation covers all the sinuses, it is called pancynosis. Particularly dangerous hronicheskaya sinusit for children, because it significantly weakens the immune system of the body, which makes the child vulnerable to various diseases.

One of the most serious complications of this pathology is meningitis.

Sinusitis all over the world is one of the most common diseases. For example, in the United States, 7 million people suffer from this illness, but this figure may be understated due to lack of diagnosis. It is especially difficult to put the diagnosis of "chronic sycamore" in the spring, when the most obvious cause of colds is allergy.

"If a runny nose reminds you of an allergy does not disappear within 12 weeks or appears more than three times a year and lasts more than 20 days, regardless of treatment, then you should consult a doctor," says MikeTrginal, Deputy Chair of the Allergy Association. You may have a chronical sinusitis, and hence you need to go to the doctor to clarify the diagnosis and appointment of correct therapy."

Additional symptoms indicating the nasinitis are pain in the projection of the sinuses of the nose, migraine, green or yellow discharge from the nose, and high fever.

But even if you do not find them at your place, you should neglect the doctor's help. Additional research methods will help to establish the exact diagnosis, appoint timely correct treatment and avoid serious complications.

Undead: allergy no

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