Ultrasonic teeth cleaning are highlights

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The occurrence of a scar on the tooth enamel occurs even with careful and proper care (especially it extends to hard-to-reach places). Over time, the hardening creeps, which leads to the appearance of a tooth stone.

The use of mechanical or chemical effects to remove - is ineffective and can cause damage to the tissues of the teeth. The ultrasound is directed at the boundary separating the surface of the teeth and hardening off. As a result, getting rid of a tooth-stone becomes easy and painless.

Why do you need to do ultrasonic cleansing of teeth?

Removing a dental stone is not limited to ultrasonic cleaning. Such is the area of ​​its application:

  • Maintaining a healthy microflora of your mouth Thanks to the removal of the attack and the neutralization of bacteria. This will significantly reduce the risk of caries, as well as the occurrence of upper respiratory tract diseases and the occurrence of inflammation.
  • Prevention of diseases of the gums At the deposition of a dental stone in a zone under soft fabrics. In this case, anesthesia is often used. If you ignore the problem, you may risk teeth loss.
  • Natural whitening enamel for 1-2 tones. Ultrasonic cleaning helps restore the whiteness of the teeth lost when a layer of contamination occurs. In addition, there is no aggressive effect on the surface of the teeth, therefore the procedure does not cause either increased sensitivity or damage.
  • Improving the effectiveness of treatment procedures. The presence of plaque and tartar complicates the treatment. For example, fastening of seals is much worse on a crude surface. Also, the antibacterial action of cleansing, which prevents the appearance of inflammation, is a good help.

Indications for this procedure can be bleeding gums, bad breath, emergence and development of caries, the appearance of tartar.

How is ultrasonic cleaning done?

The procedure takes about an hour and is performed by a special device. To begin with, the gel is applied to the teeth, and the oxygen coming from the device, activates the process of affecting the border between the contaminants and the surface of the teeth. Picked up by the physician, the intensity of vibration separates everything superfluous, there is a process of complete cleansing of the teeth. Then the enamel is delicately polished and applied with fluoride to strengthen.

Make ultrasonic cleaning easy

The service of ultrasonic cleaning is provided, for example, by this dentistry. Take care of the health and appearance of the teeth is easy and painless!

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning are highlights
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