Ulcer as a consequence of the stress

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It happens that stress and depression lead to various pathologies of the internal organs. Often, the result of prolonged stress is ulceration, both false and true.

The life of a modern man is extremely rich in stressful conditions. From their fault the ulcer can develop in a short time, literally in a few days. Such a student has experienced more than once in the course of exams, athletes - during the competition, as well as representatives of various extreme professions, too, had to suffer sudden illness.

But what should I do if the stress state has become a constant companion? Nerve shocks at work, fear for close relatives, conflicts with outsiders and public transport…

If a person has somewhat weak mental protection of the central nervous system, then the ulcer will inevitably overtake him. At first, pseudo-jaws may occur. The examination conducted in this period will not detect any lesions of the stomach or duodenum. In this case, the psychotherapist needs help.

Symptoms of ulcers from stress

If after a greasy or spicy food a person has felt a sharp pain (perhaps this condition came after smoking or drinking alcohol), then it is a symptom of a real ulcer. In this case, the patient can clearly show where he is hurting, to give a description of his condition.

In turn, when pseudo-painful, painful feelings make you aware of the background of a stressful situation. The attack is usually accompanied by increased sweating and anxiety. To all other pain does not have any clear localization, in connection with which the patient is not able to clearly indicate where he has a pain. It seems to him that the pain is covered by the entire stomach.

"Treat" stress with nicotine and alcohol can not. Alcohol may at some time weaken the nervous tension, but at the same time it may well give a boost to the formation of a true peptic ulcer. Smoking tobacco also provokes a mucous membrane and is one of the causes of peptic ulcer disease.

In that case, if the patient is diagnosed with pseudo-ulcer, you can resort to aromatherapy and other ways to relieve stress.

Ulcer as a consequence of the stress
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