Ukrainian scientists are developing their own flu drugs

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A group of scientists from the Odessa National University named after. Mechnikov Odessa National Medical University and Anti-Plague Institute received a patent on a new drug for influenza. Scientists have been working on the creation of antitussive apparatus for about 4 years.

"Basis of preparation - Coordination of biologically active metal ions and biolehanda, germanium, cobalt and citric acid. Germanium is an inducer of interferon in the human body, citric acid is involved in a series craps, cobalt - a trace element that is part of vital importance to human vitamin -12 "- said the press service of the Odessa national University. Mechnikov

The development of medicine took place on the basis of the chemical faculty of ONU them. Mechnikov According to the head of the department of Ina Seyfulin, such a department that would deal with the creation and investigation of germanium in Ukraine does not exist.

"This is a relatively new area of ​​science - biokoordynatsionna chemistry. Obtaining a patent - is the beginning of a long journey. The drug is still waiting preclinical and clinical trials. Then we can talk about the implementation in production. Ideally it takes from one to three years", - Said Seyfullin.

Ukrainian scientists are developing their own flu drugs
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