Types of injuries ligament of the knee

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Frequent damage to the knee is due to the fact that the knee is superficial. If a person makes a sharp turn of the torso with a fixed foot, a large load on the knee joint occurs, and his ligaments are damaged.

The knee joint is the largest joint of the human body. In addition to the articular surfaces of the bones that make up it, the knee is strengthened by a multitude of strong bonds. Trauma of knee ligament often occurs in athletes and in people who are engaged in physical labor.

Types of injuries ligament of the knee

Different types of damage to the knee bond are considered depending on which particular connections have been damaged. You can distinguish the following types of such injuries.

  1. Breast connection of the knee joint. It may occur with relatively large traumatic forces. This happens when falling from a height, in caravans, at efforts, which were applied directly to the shin (in fighters, hockey players). Sometimes diagnose the stretching of the knee joint. But the ligaments of the joints are not severe in nature. Therefore, in this case, it is a matter of incomplete, small strain relations.
  2. Full rupture of the inner or outer side lobes. With such a knee injury, the movement is disturbed due to the instability of the legs in the joint. The examination shows a swelling from the outside or the inside. 3-5 days after the injury, a bruise may appear. The main symptom is a fairly large lateral mobility of the shin with its deflection.
  3. Rupture of cross-links. These ligaments are located inside the joint. With their rupture, hemorrhage (hemorrhage in the joint) often occurs. In such a state of diagnosing the gap the connection is difficult. Therefore, diagnosis is done after joint puncture and removal of blood or after 3-5 days.
  4. Rupture of own ligament on the top of the head. Occurs when a sharp flexion of the shin with simultaneous muscle tension or direct impact on the front surface of the joint. As a result of such an injury, the movement is sharply disturbed. The leg of the patient is tucked up in support of her. With a complete break of the ligament, the victim can not raise a straight leg. The patient can lift his thigh, but the shin remains at an angle to him.

Treatment of knee ligament after injury

Treatment of partial damage is carried out conservatively. Apply gypsum to the thigh and shin. After 3-4 weeks, apply therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, massage, water procedures.

At full rupture, the lung carries out operative intervention. After a healing period, physiotherapy, massage, physical therapy are prescribed.

Trauma of ligament of a knee can be of various kinds. You need the correct diagnosis to find out whether there was a full or partial gap. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor carries out the necessary treatment. In any case, after treatment, a long recovery period is required, when different means of rehabilitation will be used.

Types of injuries ligament of the knee

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