Tumors of the brain: symptoms and kinds

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Brain tumors are tumors of the intracranial localization that develop through uncontrolled cell division.

There are several classifications of tumors of the brain.

By origin, distinguish primary (those that appeared directly in the brain) and secondary (metastases of cancer of other organs).

By location of the types of tumors there are intracerebral and extracorporal, arising from the surrounding tissues (the membranes, vessels, bones of the skull).

The structure of tissues secretes tumors from neuroepithelial tissue (gliomas), membrane tumors (meningiomas), pituitary tumors, cranial nerves and some other forms.

All tumor processes in the brain can be benign and malignant (cancer of the brain). Benign tumors do not grow so fast and do not spread to other organs. However, they are sometimes no less dangerous than cancer, as they can squeeze vital structures of the brain.

Symptoms of brain tumors

Symptoms of brain tumors are divided into two large groups - common and focal.

The combination of cerebrospinal symptoms is also called hypertensive syndrome, as their appearance is associated with an increase in cranial pressure.

These include - headache, vomiting, dizziness, mental disorder, seizures, changes in the fundus.

Oserechnye symptoms occur somewhat later, vary in diversity and depend on the location of the tumor in the brain.

Tumors of the frontal lobe: symptoms

Characteristic manifestations are mental disorders. Depending on the location in different parts of the frontal lobe, the patients may be inert, non-initiatory, or, conversely, excessively relaxed, aggressive.

There is apraxia - violation of the purposefulness of movements. Patients with lesion of the frontal part of the left hemisphere lose the ability to articulate speech and to the sheet.

Neoplasms in the back result in paresis of the extremities.

Tumors at the base of the frontal lobe appear to be a violation of the sense of smell and reduced vision, sometimes to complete blindness.

Tumors of parietal lobe: symptoms

Manifested by a sensitivity disturbance, at first suffering from its complex species (a sense of the location of the body in space, a sense of things in the palm, etc.).

Patients cease to be oriented in parts of their own body. Violent focused movements.

If the tumor is located in the parietal section of the left hemisphere, then they are suffering from reading, writing, and counting, while the language is preserved.

Tumors of the temporal parts: symptoms

First of all, epileptic seizures are manifested. When newly formed in the left temporal part suffers language, reading and writing skills. Maybe coordination disorder.

Tumors of the occipital lobe: symptoms

The main symptom is homonymous hemianopsia, a type of partial blindness, in which the eponymous (right or left) half-fields of vision appear.

Perverted distorted perception of the shape, color, size of surrounding objects or violation of their recognition. Often, patients complain of flashing sparks or spots in front of their eyes.

Cerebral tumors: Symptoms

It turns out to be a whole set of motor disturbances. Sufferers are purposeful movements, the patient does not feel the action in spatial movements, for example, the hand when trying to take the object goes further than it or stops closer. There is an inability to perform fast alternating movements.

Pituitary gland tumor: Symptoms

Due to the pituitary function disruption, these tumors are characterized by the development of hormonal disorders - acromegaly (enlargement of the hands, feet, lower part of the skull), non-sugar diabetes, Itsenko-Cushing's syndrome, obesity and sexual function disorders.

In addition, there are visual disturbances, such as atrophy of the optic nerve, which leads to blindness.

Late symptoms of brain tumors are distant focal symptoms - when the function of the area of ​​the brain or cranial nerves located at a considerable distance from the location of the tumor is affected.

Tumors of the brain: symptoms and kinds
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