Tumor in the gums: causes and relief of condition

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The tumor on the gums is quite a painful and dangerous phenomenon. The situation is complicated by the fact that conventional ointments and compresses are unacceptable, so that treatment of this disease requires a special approach.

Find out why a tumor appeared on the gums and how to treat it, only after it has been carefully considered. It can be both benign and malignant education, so self-treatment should not be dealt with. It is better to immediately consult a specialist who will begin to find out the causes of the disease.

Causes of swelling on the soft tissues of the jaw

If the gums swollen under one or two teeth, while forming a small area of ​​edema, it can be a consequence of periodontitis or gingivitis. Such a disease may be accompanied by small bleeding from the gums and dull but persistent pain. The main thing at the same time - in due time to see a doctor and start treatment. Compulsory component of treatment for tumors in the gums - is increased attention to oral hygiene, removal of plaque and dental stone.

If the gums are red and naive, swollen near the tooth and gives pulsating signals in the ear, it means that you urgently need to go to the hospital where the incision will be made to leave the manure staple.

Sometimes the cause of the tumor is clear - this is the formation of flux, which can only get rid of in a medical facility.

Sometimes, especially in severe cases of inflammation passes to the neighboring region and threatens to touch the jaw bones. Then you urgently need to remove his hearth. This is done in the dental clinic with the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

If there is swelling in the gums after tooth extraction, then do not worry - this is the usual result. The main thing is to avoid getting into an infection wound.

How to rinse your mouth with gum disease?

  1. Good help in various tumors mouthwash broth chamomile and calendula. And she and the other with antiseptic properties and is not harmful to the human body.
  2. You can rinse your mouth with a decoction of oak bark. This broth has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the gum. In addition, it reduces bleeding and puffiness of the gums. That is precisely why the popularity of toothpastes with oak bark adds.
  3. Cleans gum swelling aloe solution. To do this, breed 1 spoon of juice from a large leaf of this plant in one glass of boiled water, and then regularly flush your mouth or even attach a sheet of aloe to the sick gum.

It is important to remember that the gum tumor is only treated with complex agents, so antibiotics that remove inflammation, gels and ointments for gums should be added to the rinse. Many of them have not only therapeutic but also preventive effect, so they can be used to get rid of bleeding gums. Also important is a preventive examination in the dentist's office.

Tumor in the gums: causes and relief of condition

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