Tuberculosis: symptoms and first signs

Signs And Symptoms Of Tuberculosis, 9 Warning Signs Of Tuberculosis (Tb) (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

It is believed that only people from socially disadvantaged sections of society are suffering from tuberculosis. This is not the case: the symptoms of tuberculosis can be detected by a person of any social group.

Tuberculosis: the symptoms of this disease are very diverse and depend on both the localization of the inflammatory process and the individual characteristics of the patient: his gender, age, immune status. This complicates the diagnosis of tuberculosis, and often, on the first symptoms, to distinguish it from other diseases or to determine which organ is affected, it is not possible immediately.

The most common forms are tuberculosis of the lungs, joints, bones and skin.

The first symptoms of tuberculosis

Thus, tuberculosis: the symptoms of the initial stage of the disease are characterized by a general intoxication of the body, which may cause the patient not to consult a doctor for a long time, considering his condition as a consequence of a flu or other viral infection. An important difference in tuberculosis from all kinds of acute respiratory infections is the long course of the disease and the progressive deterioration of the patient's condition.

In people with a strong immune system symptoms of tuberculosis can begin only with a large spread of the disease. The following symptoms may be characteristic of all forms of the disease, but primarily for pulmonary tuberculosis, since extrapulmonary forms of their symptoms often repeat the other prevalence of the disease of the affected organs.

The first signs of tuberculosis

  • Increased fatigue, weakness, especially in the first half of the day, apathy.
  • Long subfebrile - temperature increase up to 37 degrees. A characteristic symptom of tuberculosis is an increase in temperature in the evening or at night, and the temperature does not rise above 38.
  • Lower appetite, weight loss, nausea.
  • Accelerated heartbeat is a tachycardia, due to the influence of tuberculous toxins on the cardiac muscle and the development of cardiomyodystrophy.
  • Headache.
  • Increase in peripheral lymph nodes.
  • Sweat, especially at night.
  • Symptoms of bronchitis: cough, dry cough as the disease progresses, becomes wet. Cough increases at night, characterized by prolonged course: continuous for more than 3 weeks of cough - mandatory indication for testing for tuberculosis.
  • Chest pain may occur during breathing or coughing due to involvement in the pathological process of the pleura, large bronchi.
  • Dyspnea.

How to suspect tuberculosis

Many think that only people from the socially disadvantaged sections of society are suffering from tuberculosis, so the presence of this disease is suspected in the last turn. In part, this is true, but sick people can live in any house, travel on public transport, walk on the same streets, so everyone should be careful about their health and immediately contact the doctor when the first symptoms of tuberculosis are detected.

Early diagnosis of tuberculosis symptoms allows, if not achieving a complete recovery, at least to avoid complications and the transition of the disease to a more severe form.

But even in the absence of tuberculosis symptoms, the Mantoux reaction is conducted annually, and adults - fluorography to detect the first signs of tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis: symptoms and first signs

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