Treatment of warts with nitrogen

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About the use of liquid nitrogen in the treatment of warts.

Warts arise in people of all ages and genders. Involves their development of non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, but still the main factor in their appearance - contact with a sick person. Pathogen - a human papillomavirus.

It is possible and self-infectivity: when you try to remove the warts yourself, the virus spreads to healthy areas of the skin.

The incubation period of the disease depends on the immune reactivity of the organism. With low immunity, warts occur almost immediately after the infection of the skin on the skin. In other cases, this period is delayed for several months. Viral particles affect the cells of the skin, amplifying their distribution, which causes the formation of characteristic nodular rashes with keratinous masses on the surface.

One of the modern methods of fighting warts is treatment with nitrogen.

Types of warts

The most widespread are common (vulgar) warts. They represent rough, flesh-colored elements above the skin level. They are usually small in size. Most often fingers, a back surface of brushes are affected.

Juvenile (flat) warts arise in children of the junior school age and during puberty. Flat smooth knots can reach significant sizes, often quite a lot of them. These warts appear mainly on the skin of the hands, the upper shoulder girdle, on the face.

Seed warts arise on the soles of those places that experience the greatest pressure during walking. These are deep, large elements of dirty gray color. Their surface is always covered with massive horny stratifications, sharply painful.

Acute warts (anogenital warts) affect mainly adults, as they are sexually transmitted. Elements are soft, pink, prone to fusion. Often there is a growth of nodes. At low immunity, they are so large that they can even close the entrance to the vagina.

Cryodestruction of warts: treatment with nitrogen

Wart removal is possible in several ways. One of the most popular at present is the removal of liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen becomes liquid at -195 degrees, so it is able to freeze the tissue, and the method is called cryodestruction. The method is painless and suitable even for children.

The procedure is as follows. A cotton swab is wound on a wooden stick, which is immersed in a liquid nitrogen flask. The tip of the tampon tightly with pressure rests against the warts and holds 20-30 seconds. Necessary to ensure that nitrogen does not hit the surrounding healthy tissue to avoid burns.

Under the influence of low temperature, the wart is white. This is a signal to stop the procedure. A few hours later, a bubble with a liquid appears on this spot, which, after five or seven days, dries with the formation of a crust. After about two weeks, she disappears, exposing the pink spot that disappears quickly.

For complete removal of the warts, several such procedures may be required. This is especially true for deep plantar warts. Complications after removal of nitrogen with a properly performed procedure are rare.

However, simple removal of nodules in a papillomavirus infection is not enough, since without a medical treatment there is a high probability of relapse.

Of great importance in the treatment of providing correction of immune status, as most often warts appear against the background of reduced immunity. To do this, use immunomodulators. In addition, antiviral agents are used that act directly on the cause of the disease. Often these are preparations of interferons. They increase the cell's resistance to the action of the virus, and also activate the immune system to fight it.

Treatment of warts with nitrogen
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