Treatment of warts with celandine

How To Cure Warts, Naturally (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Folk medicine offers recipes for treating warts with celandine.

Everyone knows what warts look like, and most often they cause only disgust, but it is a normal viral illness.

The causative agent of the disease is human papillomavirus. From this it follows that they can be infected from a sick person with direct contact. Especially susceptible to the virus are people with reduced immunity, as well as children and adolescents, whose immune system is not yet fully formed.

The virus gets on the skin and breeds in it, causing the appearance of characteristic rash. Depending on the type of virus, there are vulgar (ordinary), juvenile, podshvennyeproblem and sharpened warts.

Treatment of warts with celandine is just one of the options to combat the problem.

Ways of treatment

Traditional medicine in the treatment of warts uses several approaches. For the correction of immunity, changes in which play a role in the development of the disease, different immunomodulators are used. Anti-virus drugs are used to combat the pathogen. There are various methods for removing the wart itself: electrocoagulation, radio waves, liquid nitrogen. They all remove one or more elements of the horn cloth one or more times.

There are also special medications for the withdrawal of warts. Basically, they contain either strong acids or alkali. When they hit on a healthy skin there is a burn that ends with the formation of a scar. Formation of scar tissue is possible even with very accurate application of acid directly to the wart. Therefore, these funds are better to apply to imperceptible areas of the skin.

Methods of folk medicine: treating warts with celandine

From ancient times, celandine was used to treat various skin diseases, including for getting rid of warts. The very name of this plant lies in its essence. Juice of celandine contains vitamin A, which regulates the rate of division of skin cells. Amber, citric and ascorbic acid regulate metabolism in tissues.

For the treatment of warts only fresh juice of celandine is suitable. To do this, you need to break the stem of the plant closer to the root, because there is the most juice there. Wart should be soaked, scraped with an acute sterile instrument, the upper keratinous layer and apply juice. This will help him penetrate deeper.

To do such an operation several times a day. When successful treatment of celandine warts darkens and after a few days disappears. Therapy can take a lot of time.

Attention: "Superchistotol", which is sold in pharmacies, is not related to the plant. It contains a combination of alkalis that chemically burns a wart, which can cause burns and scarring.

Treatment of warts with celandine

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