Treatment of various injury hands

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Treatment of hand injuries when it is received should start immediately, otherwise you risk being left dependent for the rest of the people for a long time due to their limited possibilities.

Injuries of hands - this is often damage that occurs not only in everyday life, but also in the workplace. Any damage (both external and internal) can lead to serious deficiencies.

Necessity of ambulance

There are injuries that every person is able to handle on their own, using a home-made first aid kit. But there are other hand injuries, which should be treated under the supervision of professional doctors. Therefore, it is worth urging a doctor immediately if:

  • There is a jet pulsating bleeding;
  • The bone appears outside through the skin;
  • The bleeding does not stop for more than 20 minutes when pressed on the wound;
  • Hand lost sensitivity;
  • There are bodily injuries in the form of a finger off;
  • The victim has a blood disease.

Wounds and cuts

Treatment of a hand injury in the form of a wound or a cut involves the application of a sterile bandage, which you need to press until the bleeding stops. Then it is necessary to wash the wound with warm water using soap and apply an antibacterial ointment, tied it then with a sterile bandage.

In the case of a clipping of a finger or part of the treatment of this hand injury, there is the presence of these parts that can be transported to the hospital immediately after the event in an plastic ice pocket. In the presence of deep cuts it is immediately necessary to go to the emergency room. The same applies to animal bites.

Dislocation or fracture

Treatment of hand injuries in the event of a fracture or dislocation should begin with a decrease in edema, which can be achieved if the ice is applied to the damaged area. It is very important that during a fracture or dislocation of a finger the hand has been raised above the level of the heart. In no case can you independently try to correct dislocation, since the treatment of such injuries should be handled in the hospital.

Brush injuries

In the process of rehab for the fastest recovery, many specialists recommend using physiotherapy. In parallel, you can carry out thermal treatments and at home. The most important thing is to clearly follow all the orders of the doctors and do not strain excessive actions with your hand until it is fully healed. In most cases, it depends on the patient's rapid recovery, whether it is a hand injury or any other illness.

Remember that any delay in treatment with serious injury to your arm can be very costly to you. Modern medicine has everything you need to not only provide qualified help, but in the shortest possible time return your health.

Treatment of various injury hands
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