Treatment of ulcers by folk remedies: recipes

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Currently, in the treatment of peptic ulcer, along with traditional methods of treatment, folk remedies are widely used, which effectively supplement treatment and help to prevent the development of complications.

Stomach ulcer in acute period requires medical treatment, but in this case, additional treatment of ulcers with folk remedies (broths, infusions, infusions, etc.) can accelerate recovery and help reduce the dosage of drugs.

At the same time it is possible not only to receive them inside, but also the overall effect on the body in the form of therapeutic baths. It allows the use of numerous herbal preparations for the treatment of patients of any age without any side effects on the body.

Importantly! Before starting treatment with herbal medicines, you should consult a doctor, especially when treating children.

Phytosoids used in peptic ulcer during exacerbation For the removal of pain, spasms, inflammation (all parts of the collection take in equal weight proportions):

Treatment of ulcers by folk remedies: recipes
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