Treatment of tooth neck

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Healthy and beautiful teeth - it's not only the lack of caries and linen enamel. A very important role in creating a good smile is the correct bite, which may change due to various reasons. One of them is the neck of the tooth, perhaps the most common problem with which patients turn to the dentist.

The tooth consists of three parts: crowns, cervix and root. In a healthy person, only the crowns visible in the cavity of the mouth, the neck is covered with gums, and the root is located in the alveoli of the tooth. But with various dental diseases, the neck of the tooth is exposed, which leads to defects in the bite and, consequently, to serious cosmetic defects.

If you do not treat the neck of the tooth on time, there may be problems associated with bone marrow atrophy and baldness of the roots of the teeth.

Causes of the neck of the tooth

  1. Bad hygiene of the cavity of the mouth. If you do not clean your teeth well, they will accumulate a microbial plaque, which leads to the destruction of gum tissues and root caries. This is due to the fact that pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity secrete organic acids, which have a detrimental effect on the teeth. Bad teeth care leads to demineralization of the enamel, and teeth become weak and exposed to many diseases. Ideally, dentists recommend brushing their teeth after each meal or use a special rinse solution, do not interfere with dental floss and chewing gum without sugar.
  2. Very strong pressure when cleaning teeth. From the aggressive effects of excessive pressure on the toothbrush, the edge of the gum can simply be washed off, so it's important not to overdo it when cleaning your teeth. Toothbrush should be as rigid as to effectively clean, but in no case do not injure gum.
  3. Anatomical features of the bite, the location of the bridges of the lips and tongue. Such problems need to be detected in childhood and appropriate treatment so that the adult does not suffer from periodontal disease and gingivitis. An increased load on a tooth with an incorrect bite can also lead to the appearance of his neck, which may have a negative break in the enamel. There is a so-called wedge-shaped defect: there is a defect in the form of a wedge with pigmentation on the naked cervix of the tooth.
  4. Diseases of the thyroid gland, permanent heartburn can also provoke the appearance of a wedge-shaped defect.

Treatment of the neck of the tooth

Elimination of this defect is achieved in different ways, depending on the degree of exposure. If the defect is small, it does not require sealing.

The main methods of treating the neck of the tooth.

Treatment of tooth neck
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