Treatment of tooth channels

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Treatment of canal teeth is a procedure that allows you to keep a tooth with serious damage.

Indications for the treatment of canal teeth are inflammation of pulp tissues (pulpitis). In this case, the patient does not notice the external changes that occurred with the tooth, but he feels some discomfort associated with the inflammation process.

The most typical manifestation of the pulpit is an attack toothache that many patients increases at night. The development of pulpitis contributes to deep caries, not cured on time.

Periodontitis is an inflammatory process that develops in the bone tissue near the surface of the upper part of the tooth root. The disease is characterized by severe pain that occurs without any external stimuli.

Treatment of canals of the tooth

Treatment of the root canals of the tooth can be recommended in the event that the outwardly safe tooth causes severe pain. It allows you to clean the carious cavity, thereby preventing inflammation of the nerve in the dental canal.

Modern procedures for treatment of canal teeth are carried out using the latest technologies and tools. This allows you not only to save the tooth, but also to conduct a procedure with minimal discomfort for the patient.

Stages of treatment of canal teeth:

  • Removal of nerves and vessels;
  • Conducting preparatory works for the expansion of channels and cavities (performed with the help of special tools);
  • Rinsing (disinfecting treatment) of channels and cavities (using special antiseptic solutions);
  • Sealing of cavities and channels.

At all stages, anesthesia is performed.

Contraindications to the treatment of dental canals

  • Impossibility of tooth restoration;
  • Vertical fracture of the tooth;
  • Damage to periodontal disease.

Benefits of the procedure

  • Preservation of natural tooth;
  • The possibility of restoring a severely damaged tooth;
  • Prevention of diseases of soft tissues and bones.

Distinguish primary and secondary treatment of dental canals. Primary is performed at the first treatment of the patient, secondary - in case of unsuccessful first intervention, as well as in the running states of teeth and dental canals.

Treatment of canal teeth: effects

Conducting canal treatment can result in increased sensitivity. This is particularly acute in patients who experience severe pain before the procedure.

The reason for which sensitivity develops is the reaction of the body to an alien body. After a while the situation is normal, sensitivity becomes normal.

To accelerate the process of adaptation, it is necessary not to load the tooth for some time, to perform hygienic procedures and to follow all the orders of the doctor who treated the canals of the tooth.

Treatment of tooth channels
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