Sickness treatment after injuries

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Strabismus (strabismus) - a violation of the coordinated work of the muscles. Frequently there is oblique after injury, and in our article we will try to consider this point in more detail.

It is rare that the oblique is congenital. Most often it develops after an injury or at the age of two or three years when the child is disturbed by the joint activity of both eyes. If you do not have a timely diagnosis and do not appoint an effective treatment, such a violation is quite capable of becoming skewed.

The causes of strabismus

There are quite a few reasons why stinging can develop. These can be attributed to:

  • Head injuries;
  • Mental injuries and diseases;
  • Brain disease.

There are also many examples in medical practice where the disease in a child developed as a result of a great fright. The indirect causes of striation may include infectious diseases such as:

  • flu;
  • scarlet fever;
  • measles;
  • Diphtheria and others.

Often, the disorder in the coordinated work of the eye muscles may appear after birth defects, when a person is diagnosed with myopia, high degrees of hyperopia or astigmatism. All of these causes may lead to the development of normal vision disturbances already in childhood.

How is oblique appearance after injury

The development of strabismus after injury is a rather frequent phenomenon. In this case, the visual axis of one of the eyes begins to deviate from the overall point of fixation of the eye. In other words, with the developed strabismus, the visual axes can not connect, as a result of a human binocular vision is disturbed. The strain obtained as a result of injury causes the wrong position of the eyes and, as a result, disturbs the perception of the brain of one and the same visual image.

If the resulting injury results in a disruption of the muscles of the eye, one should contact the doctor as soon as possible in order not to get used to the disturbed view, thereby strengthening the clinical picture.

Today there is a fairly large number of different techniques and technologies that can restore broken eyesight. But if you do not pay enough attention to this issue, then the so-called "lazy eye" can develop. In this case, the person completely loses the ability to see the mowing. Such violations are practically never cured.

If you have got oblique after injury, then first of all you should contact an ophthalmologist. In this case, it will be possible to take measures to restore the normal eye and improve vision. In a timely manner, qualified assistance in the vast majority of cases avoids possible complications.

Sickness treatment after injuries
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