Treatment of side effects of tumor cancer therapy

Side Effects Of Radiation Therapy (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Treatment at home can help the patient manage the side effects that may occur during treatment (chemotherapy, radiation).

In order to relieve the side effects of treatment, the patient must follow all recommendations and instructions of the doctor. Healthy eating habits - healthy eating, proper sleep and exercise - can help control symptoms.

  • Homemade treatment of nausea and vomiting involves monitoring the condition and preventing the first signs of dehydration (dry mouth, dizziness with a sharp change in body position). In this situation, small amounts of food, ginger candied or ginger tea can help.
  • Treatment for diarrhea at home is to provide rest for the stomach and prevent the signs of dehydration. You should consult your doctor before using diarrhea without prescription.
  • Treatment for constipation at home includes light exercises, as well as the use of sufficient amounts of fluid and the administration of a high-fruity, vegetable and fiber diet. You should consult your doctor before using laxatives.
  • In order to deal with increased fatigue during chemotherapy or radiation therapy, you need to have a lot of rest. You can follow the usual way of life, but sleep more. Often fatigue increases at the end of treatment or immediately after it is completed.

Other side effects

  • Hair loss It can be emotionally difficult for a patient. However, not all medications for chemotherapy lead to hair loss, sometimes only a slight refinement appears in patients, which is noticeable only for the patient himself.
  • Bad appetite. To prevent weight loss and maintain strength, the patient needs to eat well during treatment.
  • Insomnia. If the patient has problems with sleep, he must strictly observe a certain sleep regime, exercise during the day, avoid caffeine use, especially in the afternoon, and follow other recommendations that will help the patient sleep better.

Pain treatment

Testicular cancer and its treatment does not always lead to pain. But if the patient has a pain, there are many options to cope with it. For this, the patient must follow all the recommendations and instructions of the doctor. Getting rid of the pain at home through the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or alternative therapy, such as reverse biological communication, can improve the physical and mental health of the patient. Any removal of pain at home should be carried out after consultation with the doctor.

How to overcome stress

The diagnosis of "testicular cancer" and its treatment can cause severe stress to the patient. Stress can be relieved by talking about your feelings with loved ones. You can recommend the patient to master the techniques of relaxation - meditation or yoga.

The relationship of the patient to his body may change after the diagnosis of illness. To better adapt to changes in the body, the patient must openly discuss problems with a partner and doctor. In turn, the doctor can direct the patient to a society of psychological support.

Treatment of side effects of tumor cancer therapy

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