Treatment of pain in lumbar

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Acute back pain may indicate such diseases as lumbago and ishias, which are categorized as non-rash stages of osteochondrosis. Lumbago - this suddenly there are severe pain in the lumbar, called in the crowd shot.

Lumbago is considered the first sign of the presence of lumbar osteochondrosis. The disease occurs most often during an uncomfortable movement, lifting of severity or prolonged physical effort. Adds the probability of shaking the body torsion during an inclination and a combination of overcooling with physical effort.

Pain resembles an electric shock, a person stays in place, pouring in cold sweat. Further movements, even the slightest rush, conversation - intensify the pain. The pain can cover the entire length, lower abdomen, buttocks, and sometimes gives it to the chest. Relief brings the position of lying down. When lumbago is characterized by muscle tension in the back of the lumbar. They look like protruding rollers on both sides of the spine, causing flattening of the lumbar flexion of the back (rarely on the contrary, too concave back). When tiling, the expressed pain of muscle cushions and spinal processes of the vertebrae is expressed. Lumbago - the disease is acute, with adequate treatment takes a few days.

Lumbalgia differs from lumbago by moderate chronic pain in the lumbar, also as a result of degenerative-dystrophic changes (the essence of osteochondrosis) in the lumbar spine. This pain occurs after a one-time heavy physical effort or multiple physical exhaustion, sometimes after overcooling or lumbar puncture. There may be other causes that provoke pain.

For lumbalgia, a gradual increase in pain is characteristic until it becomes as intense as with lumbago. Patients may move, but it is difficult for them to bend, and then it is even more difficult to straighten. They often have to change the body's position, because the pain is aggravated if you stand or sit for long. In the position of lying, the pain decreases as a result of lowering the load on the lumbar section. Usually painful, worries more in the morning and can take place during a working day, when a person "diverges". Unlike lumbago, pain with lumbalgia appears on one side, gives it to the buttocks.

Ishias is another manifestation of lumbar osteochondrosis, for which he is characterized by a manifestation of pain not only in the lumbar, but also in one or both legs. Usually, the disease is preceded by hypothermia or increased pressure on the muscles of the lower back and legs. The pain is aching, burning, compressing, in strength almost like lumbago. The tone of the vessels of the legs is sharply elevated, due to insufficient blood circulation, the leg is cold, feeling chest, numbness.

Treatment of lower back pain associated with spinal diseases starts with painkillers. Ketonal or Ketorol is used in the nasal congestion, often in combination with Midocalm, which helps to relax tense muscles. In the complex scheme of treatment necessarily include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (voltaren, diclofenac, meloxicam, nimesulide) and milligrams in nicks. The course of treatment at lumbago is shorter than with lumbalgia and ishias.

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Treatment of pain in lumbar
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