Treatment of osteoporosis by folk remedies

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Osteoporosis of the spine and other parts of the skeleton is prone to elderly people, occasionally they are ill young with a lack of calcium.

Treatment of Osteoporosis by Folk Remedies

Osteoporosis of the spine and other parts of the skeleton is prone to elderly people, occasionally they are ill young with a lack of calcium. The essence of the disease is that the bones lose calcium and other trace elements, become wholly porous and fragile, as a result, they easily break in sharp movements, and it turned out to be completely fall. As the fractures grow poorly, there are complications that lead to severe consequences.

Suspend the development of the disease, getting rid of back pain will help the treatment of osteoporosis by folk remedies. Women are recommended, along with calcium supplements, to take decoctions of herbs that have estrogen-like effects of hormones. Such grasses include salvia officinalis, common marmot, ordinary hops, red clover, alfalfa seed, and minky mink. Men, respectively, are recommended herbs with androgenic effect: Ayr marsh, parsley curly, celery garden, thalban field, fragrant fragrant, molachay.

Treatment of Osteoporosis by Folk Remedies

Calcium supplements are made from peeled egg shells and chalk or purchased at a pharmacy. It is recommended to take 1 teaspoon of clay daily. In the diet, dairy products, vegetables, grains, nuts, as well as fruit and juices from them must be present. Daily enough calcium and minerals will prevent them from washing out of bones. Suspend the loss of calcium and minerals in bones will help and herbs with hormonal effects, listed above.

Popular folk remedy for pain in the back is tincture of lilac flowers or wrestler in the form of rubbing. For tinctures take a glass of flowers on 0,5 l of vodka, insist in a dark place for 7-10 days, periodically shaking. In order to strengthen bone tissue folk medicine recommends taking mummies twice a day on a ball with a matchhead, dissolving it in water. The usual course is 3 weeks, after a break it is repeated. Mummies also accelerate the healing of fractures.

In order to accelerate bone joints and healing, it is recommended to rub the fir seed oil into the fracture area (except the wound). To the fracture you can also apply compresses from the root of livestock in the form of decoction or ointment. For broth they take 3 items. Spoons of dry roots, pour 0.5 liters of cold water and heat on low heat in a closed bowl not to boil, insist for 4 hours, filter. For the ointment take 2 tbsp. Spoons of fresh roots and rub with 2 tablespoons. Spoons of pork unsalted lard.

Plants such as the hedgehog and ripe rapier can relax the inflamed muscles, alleviating the pain of osteoporosis and helping to heal fractures. They are used in the form of alcohol rubbing or ointment. When fractures of ribs and other bones, folk treatments are carried out in a mixture of 200 ml of juice of thorn from 1-2 centuries. Spoons of thickened flowers of cornflower, taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach in 1-2 steps. Spoons of the mixture for 8 days.

Great help with a closed fracture can provide self massage, it is recommended to do it on the 2-3rd day after the fracture (only closed!). Of great importance in the prevention of osteoporosis has an active motor status, the habit of morning exercise, long outdoor walks, and various sports activities.

Treatment of osteoporosis by folk remedies
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